Aim for the Head is Coming

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Aim for the Head logoMisfit Studios would like to officially announce the pending arrival of its first miniature wargame, Aim for the Head with the launch of its own website.

Rooted in the zombie genre of movies, books, and film, Aim for the Head will unabashedly draw on these influences and sources of inspiration, bringing them into the game for players to experience. The game will be designed around competitive one-off, serial, and campaign play, either one-on-one or in teams, but will also allow for co-operative games.

Where Aim for the Head Stands

The game is currently still being written but is simultaneously being playtested by a group of experienced players. As the weeks and months go on, keep checking back here to see the latest news. Misfit Studios will be making progress announcements, showing videos of game play testing, and so on, and you will have the opportunity to hear from some of the playtesters about their thoughts on the game.

This site will also continue to develop by expanding the information provided, including adding new pictures and the like.

Zed of the Month Contest

To kick things off, Aim for the Head will be hosting a monthly miniatures painting contest. The rules are to be found here, on the Zed of the Month contest page.

A Matter of Scale–Aim for the Head Miniatures

Aim for the Head is intended for 25/28mm miniatures, but can easily be converted to 15mm play. Misfit Studios (currently?) has no plans to release its own miniatures, so the game is designed to accommodate minis already on the market. To this end, it will include suggestions, recommendations, and guidelines for choosing your miniatures and making them fit within Aim for the Head.

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