Bite Me! Skindancers Released, and Some Core Specialist Wizard Art; both for Pathfinder!

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Bite Me! Skindancers CoverUnleash the Inner Beast with Bite Me! Skindancers

Bite Me! Skindancers is the latest release from Christina Stiles and Misfit Studios in the ongoing Bite Me! product series.

Bite Me! Skindancers presents a non-lycanthrope shapeshifting race with thematic and historical ties to lycanthropes for your Pathfinder game, designed by two-time Ennie-nominee, Robert H. Hudson, Jr. Superficially similar to lycanthropes in that they can turn into animals, skindancers lack the bestial rages and curse of afflicted lycanthropes, and the mystic resilience to injury and vulnerability to silver inherent to lycanthropes, trading them for unique abilities all their own.

Once allies, fiends, and loved ones of the natural lycanthropes, the Skindancers were cast out thanks to the machinations of dark power of madness and evil and move through the world seeking a way to reclaim that which they lost.

A new race for your Pathfinder RPG campaign, skindancers offer players and GMs a choice for a shapeshifting race that doesn’t come with all the same baggage that lycanthropes do.

Within Bite Me! Skindancers you’ll find:

  • A look at skindancer society, relations with other encountered races, their alignment and religion, and reasons for adventuring.
  • Alternate racial traits, subtypes and feats which allow for further customization of skindancer characters.
  • Race-specific favored class options for all player-oriented core and base classes to allow further customization when gaining new levels besides a simple hit point or a skill point.
  • For characters looking for an invigorating change of pace, the Embrace, where they can shed their old race and exchange it for that of skindancers… and a perverted version of the ritual, the Skinning, practiced by evil, twisted souls.
  • A pair of sample character skindancers showing you the variations available with the race, complete with plot seeds to allow GMs to insert them into a game with ease.

Pick up a copy of Bite Me! Skindancers, and get your shift together!

Abjurer Core Specialist WizardAburer Core Specialist Wizard for Pathfinder is on the Way!

Writing is well under way for Abjurer Core Specialist Wizard for the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game. This is to be the first release in this updated and expanded Pathfinder Role-Playing Game version of Misfit Studios popular 3.5 OGL Fantasy product line that made specialist wizards their own, distinct classes.

The new version is taking the class in a new direction, making abjurers more customizable, and will also include a number of archetypes, new spells (absent from the original edition), new magic items, and details to incorporate the new content with our Superior Synergy Fantasy Pathfinder Edition product.

Expect this update to much improve the previous content.

The cover design is by Steven Trustrum, and the artwork by Daniel Sguiglia.

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That being said, you should now go get your copy of Bite Me! Skindancers before you end up being the only person in your group without a copy.

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