Misfit Studios enters Printing Deal with Cubicle 7

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Misfit Studios enters Printing Deal with Cubicle 7

Postby Steven Trustrum » Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:02 am


The Print Deal Announcement is Finally Here!

To finally let everyone in on what’s been going on, since the end of last year I’ve been talking with some companies about taking Misfit Studios products to the next level, meaning print. With all the paperwork now signed, it’s safe for me to say that we have signed a deal with Cubicle 7 to act as our print partner.
Cubicle 7 Print Deal

Doom print deal update

Cubicle 7 is a company that has been on the rise in the gaming community and has been making a name for itself not only for its products, but also for taking on publishing partnerships with small, independent companies like Misfit Studios, but what does this mean for you, our customers?

Misfit Studios will still be releasing all its products as PDFs in its current storefronts, but a selection of our releases will also be pushed through our print partnership whereby Cubicle 7 will distribute a print version to the game stores and other retailers. This allows us to now offer our customers the best of both worlds, PDF and print!
DOOM for the ICONS system to be First Print Deal Release

Our first product to be released as part of this new print deal will be our ICONS version of DOOM, a super-hero genre product outlining a horrific secret society that uses black magic, demons, and super-villains in its efforts to both conquer and destroy the world. DOOM is slotted for a July print release, but pre-orders are already available from the Cubicle 7 website.

DOOM is just the first product we will be printing and releasing to game stores. More are still to come!
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