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Earl Geier Presents the Axe Man Stock Art

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Earl Geier: The Axe Man Cometh!

Earl Geier Axe manThis stock art piece from Earl Geier depicts a … rural … looking gent perhaps best described as the axe man. He can be used to depict a simple farmer innocently enough, or the mystery of what may be within his bucket (and hiding behind his eyes) can be played upon to use this image to portray a violent killer.

This purchase includes a JPG and a TIFF version at 300 dpi, along with an EPS vector version.

All art files are bundled in a ZIP file.

Earl Geier Stock Art License Summary

All stock art is licensed for use in professional publications. Misfit Studios (or, in some cases, the third-party artist) retain ownership of the work, meaning you cannot resell the art in your own art packs or the like, and may be required to post an artist credit.

You must include the artist’s copyright statement in all publications using the art under certain terms and conditions. You obtain a license to use the art, but do not own any rights to it beyond that.

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Pick up Earl Geier Presents: the Axe Man today for your personal or professional project

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