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Electified floors, rolling rocks, reversed gravity, and howling winds, oh my!

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10 More Fantasy Traps10 Fantasy Traps is one of our more popular Savage Worlds PDFs, so it only made sense that we would get around to releasing a follow-up. That brings us to 10 More Fantasy Traps, now available for sale.

In this release you will find the rolling rock classic trap, a mirror that creates an aggressive duplicate, a way to get acid sprayed in your face, floors that want nothing more than to pierce your feet, stairways that will help you down … the fast way, floors with magnetic or electrifying personalities, ways to turn your world upside down, rooms without rays to light your way, and strong winds that can help you on your way. Also includes is the new Small Cone Template.

Steven Trustrum has been writing in the RPG industry since the end of the '90s and publishing via Misfit Studios since 2003. Aside from writing and publishing role-playing game content, he ... dabbles ... in content and social media marketing.

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    Well, this is annoying.

    Despite OBS’ upload software telling me the product’s files uploaded fine, it not only seems the files did NOT get uploaded for this product. I’m trying to clear this up but, worst case scenario, I may end up having to build this as a new product entry tonight when I get home.

    EDIT: OBS’ current upload software still doesn’t want to complete the process for me, but I managed a workaround with their old upload wizard, so the product is now good to go.

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