New Elizabeth Porter and Earl Geier Art Releases

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More Stock Art from Earl Geier and Elizabeth Porter

Earl Geier and Elizabeth Porter are both skilled artists, and Misfit Studios continues to make their art available for your professional or personal projects.

Both new releases contain a 300 dpi JPG, 300 dpi TIFF, and EPS vector version of their respective black and white images, all wrapped up nicely in a convenient zip file (and available at an even more convenient price of $3.99 each.)

Earl Geier Presets: Werewolf

Earl Geier Presents: WerewolfThis werewolf image by role-playing game industry veteran depicts a vicious werewolf shedding its clothes as its readies itself to hunt down its prey.

Elizabeth Porter Presents: Black Dress

Elizabeth Porter Presents: Black DressAlthough this work by Elizabeth Porter seems to be nothing more than a mysterious woman in a revealing black dress flowing off her, just what is she doing with her stomach?

A versatile piece, the image can depict a woman revealing another layer of clothing beneath her dress, or she could be about to reveal something far more diabolical. It’s up to you to decide.

Yet more stock art releases from Earl Geier and Elizabeth Porter are coming soon …

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