Good news for the Savage Worlds of Misfit Studios

Steven Trustrum Savage Worlds

The latest release, Expanded Professions: the Thief is in the list of top 10 sellers for OBS right now and is #1 in the Savage Worlds category. This is great news considering it’s been a while since Misfit Studios cracked the top 10 overall, although we frequently break the top 10 or reach #1 in a given category.

In other news, Rick Hershey has handed in both new covers he’s been doing for me for upcoming products. These are the two pieces you see inserted into this posting. Have a look and let me know what you think. These were both picked up during Rick’s cover sale and I can’t stress enough how this was money well spent. He did a fantastic job on both pieces and was incredibly easy to work with. If you need a good cover artist, fellow publishers, I can’t suggest Rick enough.