Halloween is here (and almost gone) !!

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Well, another Halloween has come (and nearly gone), and since I was in a house this year instead of an apartment it’s been the first time in over a decade since I’ve had to hand out candy. LOTS of kids (mainly older) coming up to the door asking for candy without costumes. We even had some adults, one of which just shoved her bag at me and shouted “Halloween!” and waited for me to drop candy in her bag for her.


Anyway, we ended up running out, so I gave out some money until that ran out, so we finally had to blow out the two Jack o’ Lanterns in the window and turn off the porch light. Ah well, another year without ghosts, goblins, and Batmans visiting the door.

DOOM ICONS coverBut before Halloween ended, I managed to get the ICONS version of DOOM out the door here at Misfit Studios. I didn’t think I would get it done, but I squeaked it through under the wire.

This is our first product for the FATE system, and also our first for the ICONS license. DOOM is an organization of cultists who worship ancient, evil gods known as the Lost Ones. They have a team of supervillains at their beck and call, the Doomsayers, and have also enslaved an entire race of demons, the Barzani. Worst of all are the Barzani’s ruling warlords, but you may know them better as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Also included are three new powers: Conjure, Power Boost, and Weaken. All in all, it’s a well-rounded sourcebook at 64 pages and a good conversion of the original Superlink verison.

Thanks to Tommy Brownell for doing most of the playtesting.

Next up is converting the two Superlink character compendiums over to ICONS, so there’s a lot of work to be had there. And, while that’s going on, the Savage Worlds content is still going to be coming out, including the conversion of SpirosBlaak. No rest for the wicked as I enter my last week of packing before I (and Misfit Studios) move into the new house.

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