Helping out a friend: Slayers of the Great Serpent

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As I do from time to time, I’m alerting those who follow this blog to a project being undertaken by another company. David Caffee, who has done some freelance writing for Misfit Studios, is working on the following project:

Slayers of the Great Serpent

This fantasy role-playing campaign is inspired by the Dreamlands stories of H.P. Lovecraft, the fairy tales of Oscar Wilde, the works of Romantic poets like Coleridge and Byron, and the folktales of cultures the world over. These influences combine to create adventures that recapture the language of fantasy and myth.

The vision behind Slayers of the Great Serpent is about making something that truly fits the definition of the word epic. It is about creating a story of great heroes versus a terrifying monster, but also about making a world that was majestic and awe-inspiring. What I envision is a quest that requires the adventurers to undertake a lengthy and harrowing journey through unknown lands, knowing only that their destination lies to the distant east, beyond the borders of the legendary kingdom of Xi.

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