A Look at Lamashtu from the Rogue Mage Game Master’s Guide

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Rogue Mage Game Master's Guide

Rogue Mage Game Master’s Guide

Written by Christina Stiles, Faith Hunter, Raven Blackwell, Spike Y Jones
Cover by Peter Bradley
Illustration by Rick Hershey

Copyright 2014 Faith Hunter and Christina Stiles.

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Type: Major Power

Size: Huge

Speed: 50 feet, Fly 90 feet (Poor)

Str 18 (+4) Dex 14 (+2) Con 20 (+5)

Int 18 (+4) Wis 20 (+5) Cha 22 (+6)

Saving Throws: Fortitude +6, Reflex +6, Will +10

Toughness +15


Additional Limbs 1, Aura of Pestilence (Semjaza’s Touch), Aura of Shadow, Awareness, Battle Rage 2, Blood Demon, Caustic Blood, Conjure Focus (Cause Disease, Geothermal Control, Tornado, Weather Control, Windblast) 2, Counter Conjure, Craftsman, Danger Sense, Darkvision, Devour Essence, Diehard, Disease (Semjaza’s Touch), Elemental Affinity (Air) 10, Elemental Affinity (Earth) 10, Elemental Affinity (Stone) 12, Enslave, Extended Sense (Darkvision, Mage Sight, Magical Awareness) 8, Extra Luck 4, Far Caster, Fast Caster, Fast Track 2, Favored Opponent (women, children) 2, Fearsome Presence 3, Immunity (Awe, disease, fire, poison, Fearsome Presence, Voice), Infernal Artificer, Infernal Being, Infernal Source (Greater), Inspire 8, Knowledge Focus (theology and philosophy: Darkness, seraphim), Life Support, Magical Awareness, Mage Sight, Mindspeech, Perfect Vessel, Possession, Pounce, Rapid Recovery, Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Resilience (ballistic, bludgeoning, piercing, slashing) 3, Scent, Self-Revival, Serial Immortality, Silent Caster, Spirit Form, Still Caster, Summon Ben Reshep 8, Translation, Transform, Tough 6, Vessel of Darkness, Vampirism (Charisma), Voice


Environmental Vulnerability (sunlight: severe), Noticeable (nonhuman appearance, wings, supernatural), Sterile, Weakness (holy)


Bluff +18, Concentration +22, Craft (artistic) +22, Dodge +15, Intimidate +12, Knowledge (arcane lore) +19, Knowledge (theology and philosophy) +14, Natural Weapon (bite) +15, Natural Weapon (claws) +17, Parry +15, Ranged Weapon (magic) +20, Spellcraft +19, Survival +14


Initiative: +2

Attacks: bite +13 (+8 unholy piercing damage) or claws +15 (+6 unholy slashing damage)

Defenses: Dodge 23 (12 when flying), Parry 23


Base Creation Energy: 40

Maximum Creation Energy: 100 + 80

Base Potency: 21 (Air, Earth), 23 (Stone)

Conjures Known: Lamashtu knows all General, Air, Earth, and Stone conjures.

Luck Points







Lamashtu is skilled at creating infernal amulets and will have one or more with her at all times.


Lamashtu is a unique major power in the Rogue Mage universe: a fallen cherub. Her magical abilities rival that of a greater seraph and she has helped capture more than one minor seraph or watcher for Semjaza’s purposes. She is not a long-range planner and her partner is in charge of the more practical aspects of Semjaza’s plans. When Semjaza targets a community to be infected by plague, she often accompanies the bnei Reshep and lilitu in spirit form. She prefers to afflict mothers and children.

Should Lamashtu regain the ability to enter Otherspace, she will also become as powerful as a dragon herself.

Lamashtu’s primary goal is to undo the curse of the Most High and regain her fertility in order to produce more monstrous children. There are unconfirmed reports that Lamashtu bore several daywalker-like beings before she was cursed in ancient times. If this is true and her hybrid children still live after all these millennia, they would be powerful creatures indeed.

Possession Profile

A creature possessed by Lamashtu adds the following to its profile:

Abilities: Str +1 Dex +1 Con +2 Int +4 Wis +2 Cha +4

Talents: Add Aura of Pestilence (Semjaza’s Touch), Danger Sense, Devour Essence, Fearsome Presence (with ranks equal to the possessed’s Intimidate ranks), Magical Awareness, Mage Sight, Translation, Vampirism (Charisma), and Voice. Lamashtu may allow the creature she possesses to use any of her skills or magical abilities.

Drawbacks: Add Noticeable (foul odor), Sterile, and Weakness (holy).

Virtue/Taint: Increase by –4

Rogue Mage Game Master's Guide: Lamashtu

Even those closest to the Most High can fall. One of the four cherubs who served the Most High, Holy Sapphire was seduced by the dragon Semjaza to renounce her celestial duties in favor of carnal delights. She was lascivious and delighted in the attentions of the fallen seraphs, giving birth to many unclean spirits, most notably the predatory lilitu. Like many of the fallen, she demanded worship from humanity in the ancient past and great temples were dedicated to her and her consort, Reshep.

As Holy Sapphire, Lamashtu joined with the dragons in the original rebellion against the Most High. On the victory of the Most High and the seraphim, she was cast down, her role as servant of the Most High was given to another cherub, and her wheels were destroyed.

Recently Lamashtu and Reshep followed the Red Dragon to Earth and participated in the Last War against the seraphim
and their mortal allies. After the capture and chaining of Semjaza by the seraphs at the war’s end, Lamashtu, Reshep, and the other servants of Semjaza fled from the High Host and hid in the dark places of the world, awaiting the chance
to free him.


Lamashtu is a hideous mix of four forms: Her face is that of a lion with the beak of an eagle, she has the breasts and torso of a woman and the lower quarters of a great bird of prey. Her arms are the forequarters of a lion ending in paws with retractable claws. Four tattered vulture wings extend from her back, giving her an ungainly power of flight. Her fur, skin, and feathers are a dull dun bordering on black, and bear deep lesions, pus-filled sores, and bare patches of sallow skin. A great stench of rot fills the air about her, making many sick by her presence alone. Lamashtu is about 24 feet tall with a wingspan of 30 feet. Her eyes are a dark shade of orange and burn with hatred and madness.

Lamashtu’s spirit form is a foul-smelling collection of fetid vapors that contain thousands of small glowing motes of dim


As a fallen spirit, Lamashtu is prohibited from entering Otherspace or transmogrifying. This is bad enough for seraphs, but cherubs are creatures of Otherspace itself and the loss of her native realm has driven Lamashtu insane. Although she has adapted to exist within the physical world and no longer suffers from the Spatial Disorientation drawback, she alternates between periods of intense lucidity (in which her hatred of the Most High gives her acute clarity and focus) and periods of raging madness (when she is as dangerous to her allies as she is to her enemies). During her unstable periods, Reshep spends much of his time trying to contain Lamashtu and keep Semjaza’s forces safe from her wrath.

The Most High has also cursed her, preventing her from bearing any more children for the Darkness. As a result, Lamashtu bears a particular hatred toward mothers and children. She likes to possess serial killers, rapists, and
pedophiles who prey on them. Lamashtu envies and hates succubus queens and succubi for their reproductive powers and has killed more than one in the past. As a result, no such beings willingly work for Semjaza and his forces.
Lamashtu dreams of killing the four other cherubs.

Lamashtu is mated to Reshep, but as fallen the soul bond they used to enjoy has been severed.


Lamashtu is a cyclone of magical destruction in combat, unleashing her spells at the thickest knots of enemies. Lamashtu prefers spells designed to cause great damage, like Cause Disease, Death, Elemental Blast, Geothermal Control, Ignite, and Tornado. In conflict, Lamashtu is always protected by powerful Protection and Shield conjures. Lamashtu revels in the act of destruction and has been known to strike down her own forces in her careless zeal. Although she isn’t helpless in physical combat, she can’t compete with the sheer destructive force of the seraphs and avoids getting in fights with them.

Lamashtu is always accompanied by her fallen seraph mate (Reshep), her children (the lilitu), and many bnei Reshep, any of which would die to protect her.

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