Misfit Studios moves into Miniature Wargaming … and Needs Playtesters!

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Playtesters Needed

Misfit Studios is looking for playtesters to help put our upcoming zombie miniatures wargame through its paces. It is currently still in the writing stage, meaning Misfit Studios needs experienced wargames to spot issues with rules, offer advice on improvements—say what you think works and what you believe does not—and let us know what you think would make things better.

Crawling Zombie Playtesters

Crawling Zombies

What We Are Looking For in our Playtesters

Are you an experienced wargamer but don’t have an army of zombie miniatures sitting around? No problem. If you can read the rules and give us your opinion that is still helpful, even if you don’t have time to actually play. Sit around with a couple of miniatures on your desk and try out this or that rule out on its own to see what jumps out as you as working and what needs fixing. Also, keep in mind we aren’t going to be checking the miniatures you’re using—use your orcs as the zombies and your elven warriors as the living striving to survive a world gone undead. We won’t tell anyone!

What Playtesters Get In Return

Contributing playtesters who provide feedback and help out will receive a free copy of the PDF upon release, as well as have their names in the credits as playtesters.

It’s All Hush-Hush

Because writing is on-going, and because some promotional stuff is still in the works that may be a while away from being announced, all participants will need to fill in a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and mail it back. If you don’t think your gaming group can keep its mouth shut and you don’t want to take responsibility for them, give each a copy and have them mail in a copy as well. Misfit Studios plans to follow up the initial release with more supplements, so playtesters will have a chance to get additional free product if they help out with those as well.

Where the Game is Headed

The game will also have ongoing, online support from its own mini-site, upon which playtesters and other players will be encouraged to talk about their games, discuss tactics, etc. Videos of rules explanations and gameplay will also be hosted from the site. Playtesters in the Toronto area will also be alerted to periodic game days at Misfit Studios HQ (also known as my basement office) for pizza and wargaming, some of which will be filmed and hosted on the product’s website for everyone to enjoy.

Sniper Survivors Playtesters

Survivor Sniper

Not for a Casual Interest

If you don’t think you’ll be able to provide the sort of ongoing, constructive feedback required or can’t devote the necessary time to put a new set of game rules through its paces, we thank you for the interest but Misfit Studios needs people who are able to take an active role in the playtesting process.

How to Contact Us

So, if you think you have the wargaming chops, email trustrum@misfit-studios.com and outline your experience with other miniature wargames and why you think you’d be an ideal addition to our playtesters pool.

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