Misfit Studios Shop is Up and Running

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Misfit Studios ShopA few years ago, Misfit Studios had its own storefront hosted from its website. However, it became non-functional when our ISP changed their Apache software without warning to a version our storefront software wasn’t compatible with. Basically, the front end worked fine but the store couldn’t communicate with the rest of the site at all. It couldn’t so much as pass along an email, let alone fulfill orders.

The experience soured me on running our own store since, but I recently found a low-maintenance, easy-to-manage alternative. So, after spending much of the weekend uploading product, Misfit Studios is happy to announce the return of its own, hosted storefront, the Misfit Studios Shop!

Why stop by the Misfit Studios Shop?

Misfit Studios will continue to offer our products elsewhere because of the increased exposure, but having our own storefront opens up additional avenues of market access. What’s more, when you buy our products directly through the Misfit Studios Shop, we are bypassing the middle man who usually takes 25% to 35% of the cost for themselves. Buying directly from us means Misfit Studios gets to utilize more profits towards continuing to produce more fun games in the future.

The Misfit Studios Shop will now be our go-to location for first releasing products, offering specials, etc. We will announce any such deals through this blog, so keep looking in to see what we have to offer. We are currently offering a number of products cheaper at our own store than on any of the other locations we sell our products, some come have a look around and see what the Misfit Studios Shop has to offer.

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