Misfit Studios Store (temporarily?) Down

Steven Trustrum Uncategorized

Because my service provider has done something server-side without letting me know (AGAIN), the Misfit Studios shop is currently out of service.

They are currently working to fix the issue they have created but have thus far not found the problem and, not understanding what’s wrong, have made things worse for the time being. Hopefully the store will be back up and running soon. Unfortunately, it is quite possible that in the process of blindly poking around instead of following the information I relayed to them about the issue and my suspicions as to the possible cause, they may have deleted the store’s entire database. This means that even if they fix what they’ve done, I may have to redo several weeks’ worth of work to get the site operating how I need it to, along with inputting all the product information again. From scratch. Because I don’t think they backed up the database before they started tinkering around (which I couldn’t do from my end because of the error’s nature.)

For those who don’t remember, Misfit Studios had another storefront in 2008 which also died a sudden death when my service provider changed their software, causing incompatibilities that prevented the store from working.


A great way to start my holidays next week.