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The Nuclear Toxyderm: Nuclear Havok Unleashed for Super-Powered by M&M

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Have You Ever Wanted to Have Your Heroes Face Off Against a Giant Nuclear Monster? If so, the Nuclear Toxyderm is for You!

With its second release for the Manual of Mutants & Monsters product line for the Super-Powered by M&M rules, Misfit Studios decides to come out with nuclear potency!

Behold, the Nuclear Toxyderm!

Nuclear ToxydermBorn of an elemental spirit from … elsewhere … that is drawn to sites where nuclear waste gathers or the like, a nuclear toxyderm may arise from the glowing toxic goo to lay waste to everything in their path.

This PDF provides information on both the regular and lesser variations of nuclear toxyderm, provides additional rules for exposure to radiation, and presents three new extras (2 of which shall later appear in Better Mousetrap 3e while the other shall appear in Metahuman Martial Arts 3e.)

Buy your copy now.

Facing one of these monsters is not easy, because even in defeat a nuclear toxyderm can be the downfall of even the greatest of heroes.


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