Paizo Blog Highlights Bite Me! Wereblooded

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Just this past week, I released Bite Me! Wereblooded for Pathfinder into the wild. Part of my Bite Me! kickstarter, this is a pdf by Ben McFarland (2012 Ennie winner for best adventure for Kobold Press’ Streets of Zobeck–which I wrote two adventures for and some characters, items, and feats) that details the humanoid scions of natural lycanthropes and humanoids, filling in the gap of a half-breed character for weres. There’s also a monstrous version inside that looks more animal than humanoid. These two races are done up as per Paizo Publishing’s Advanced Race Guide for Pathfinder, so you get alternate traits and favored class bonuses and the like. The pdf details three clans: felis, lupis, and ursus–though there’s room for many others, and I’m sure we will be expanding upon that.

Anyway, the big news is that the pdf hit the Paizo Blog last night!BiteMe_wereblooded_cover_j We are so happy to get the shout-out from Paizo. They even mentioned that this might tide you over while you await their Player Companion: Blood of the Moon. Thank you, Paizo!

Be on the lookout for upcoming releases in this line, including skindancers (Robert H. Hudson, Jr.), advanced wererats (Mike Welham), advanced werewolves (Robert H. Hudson, Jr.), and Weresharks (Jeff Lee)–to name just a few things in the works. In short, there’s much, much more to come!

Go get your bite on!

Christina Stiles

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