Pathfinder Role-Playing Game is Getting the Core Specialist Wizard Treatment

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Updating the OGL 3.5 Core Specialist Wizard Products to Pathfinder is Under Way

Are you one of the OGL 3.5 fantasy fans who made Misfit Studioscore specialist wizard products so popular and well-received? Have you since moved on to the greener pastures of the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game?

Conjurer Core Specialist WizardFirst released back in 2005 when both Misfit Studios and RPGNow were still relatively young, the first release in our original core specialist wizard products was intended as an experiment — and it paid off! The first release, the Conjurer Core Specialist Wizard was the first to be released, and was the 2783 product released through RPGNow (there are now over 130,000.) Despite the OGL 3.5 fantasy rules having largely been abandoned or adapted (such as into the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game), the entire product line remains popular enough to continue doing monthly sales.

Do you know what that tells me?

That’s right: the entire core specialist wizard series is just begging to be updated to the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game.

Bringing the Core Specialist Wizard Series in line with the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game

Aside from updating the core specialist wizard content for the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game, Misfit Studios is also using this opportunity to make some revisions and updates. You can also expect some new content, more artwork, and other improvements.

The final goal, once all eight core specialist wizard entries have been released, is to combine them into a single, unified package with yet more new content. Our aim is to take what made the original series so popular, tweak it and make it prettier (we’ve certainly learned a lot about production quality in nine years), and do far better with the update than was possible with the OGL 3.5 fantasy version.

This time, we’ll be releasing the core specialist wizard products in alphabetical order, starting with the abjurer. As with the originals, all core specialist wizard products shall be written by Steven Trustrum.

So, keep your eyes open for the upcoming Pathfinder Role-Playing Game release, Abjurer Core Specialist Wizard!

Steven Trustrum has been writing in the RPG industry since the end of the '90s and publishing via Misfit Studios since 2003. Aside from writing and publishing role-playing game content, he ... dabbles ... in content and social media marketing.

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