Playtesters still needed, Savage sales, and a hint of things to come …

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To get things rolling on a good note, let’s begin this blog post with some good news and a bit of transparency: since our first Savage Worlds mini-PDF, Expanded Professions: The Druid was released at the beginning of September, we’ve tested the waters with a variety of offerings in this product line. The release schedule has been fairly flexible, but has averaged out to two or three every two weeks or so. When I first mentioned the idea of publishing these mini-PDFs to Pinnacle, they were skeptical about how they would be received. Well, the customers have formed their opinions and the response is in.

Since the beginning of September, Misfit Studios has sold roughly 500 of the mini-PDFs (obviously weighted towards the earliest releases) and that number keeps increasing at a steady rate as new products come out and word spreads. We’re very happy with this result and thank all the customers who have taken the time to write reviews or email us with their feedback. We’ve listened to you, and your voices have resulted in fixes, changes, and shaped what new products are in the pipe for future release.

That being said, we’re still in need of new voices to speak up during product development. Misfit Studios still needs playtesters for its Savage Worlds and ICONS product lines, so if you think you know the rules systems well enough and are interested in getting free PDFs for your input, email me at and join the playtesting.

SpirosBlaak CoverOn a final note, I have some news regarding our upcoming Savage Worlds (and eventual Pathfinder) re-release of the SpirosBlaak setting. I’ve been banging my head against the wall thinking of ways to re-market this product to the customer base that will illustrate its many fine points and spark interest in a new version of a product that has been out for six years. Well, I think I’ve found an interesting answer that shall be revealed over the next week or so. I will say now that it is ongoing, will involve the customers themselves, and (if fully utilized) may even work to get customers to help shape future SpirosBlaak releases.

Stay tuned to the blog for more information!

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