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Ryan Sumo Stock Art Dual Release of Ninjas and Mountain Monks

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Ryan Sumo Continues with More Gorgeous Colour Pieces

Ryan Sumo Presents: Ninja InfiltratorMisfit Studios is releasing yet more wonderfully crafted colour art pieces from Ryan Sumo.

Both pieces are presented in massive 11″x7.3″ size at 300 dpi, and in both JPG and TIF formats.

Ryan Sumo Presents: Ninja Infiltrators

The first new piece of art Ryan Sumo gives us is a pair of crimson-clad ninja preparing to infiltrate a medieval, Japanese castle under the cover of night and clouds that obscure the moon’s light.

This is an ideal piece for any Orient-genre game that seeks to create the atmosphere of impending doom these skilled assassins represent to even the most protected of targets.

Ryan Sumo Presents: Winter Shrine

Ryan Sumo Presents: Winter Shrine
This majestic, frosty landscape depicts the arrival of a warrior monk coming to the end of his pilgrimage to a mountain-top shrine. The warm light of flame shines out from within the monk’s cliff-side destination, lighting off the snow.

Ryan Sumo Stock Art License Summary

All stock art is licensed for use in professional publications. Misfit Studios (or, in some cases, the third-party artist) retain ownership of the work, meaning you cannot resell the art in your own art packs or the like, and may be required to post an artist credit.

You must include the artist’s copyright statement in all publications using the art under certain terms and conditions. You obtain a license to use the art, but do not own any rights to it beyond that.

Look for more fantastic stock art to come from Ryan Sumo and the other artists licensing Misfit Studios to sell art on their behalf.

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