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A Not-So-Lucky Coin for Savage Worlds

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Monster Brief: Mixed Foes

Monster Brief: Mixed Foes for Savage Worlds

Written and Colors by Steven Trustrum
Illustration by Miguel Santos

Copyright 2016 Misfit Studios

This content appears in the Monster Brief: Mixed Foes for Savage Worlds PDF.

Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6

Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d4, Notice d6, Stealth d10

Pace: 8; Parry: 4; Toughness: 4

Treasure: Meager

Special Abilities

  • Acid: A carnivorous coin’s small mandibles inject its victim with a burning acid for d4 damage, in addition to that of the bite. A victim that suffers acid damage must also make a Vigor roll or suffer Fatigue (the equivalent of Bumps and Bruises). The acid is extremely corrosive, so any attack against an object that results in a Shaken or higher result requires rolling a d6. On a 6, any material the acid hit is ruined (armor loses a point of protection instead).
  • Bite: Str
  • Low Light Vision: Abroa ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
  • Swarm: Quite often, such as when appearing as an entire treasure trove, abroa are treated much like a swarm. They collectively cover an area equal to a Medium Burst Template and attack everything within during every round. As a swarm, abroa gain Parry +2 and Toughness 6, and cutting and piercing weapons do no real damage. Area-effect weapons work normally, and an abroa swarm may be stomped on to inflict Strength damage each round. When it is wounded, the abroa swarm is effectively dispersed.
  • Size –4: Attackers subtract 4 from attempts to hit this tiny creature.
  • Vibration Sense: Abroa can sense even the slightest vibration through a surface (such as the ground) up to 5″. This sense is refined enough to target attacks.
  • Weakness (Sound): Abroa suffer double damage from sound-based/sonic attacks. They are also rendered inert and trapped in their dormant state by the playing of soothing music within 5″ of them. Doing so requires a successful Knowledge (Singing) or Knowledge (Specific Instrument) skill roll each round for 1d4 rounds. They are considered Shaken during this time, at the end of which they are dormant until awakened.
Monster Brief creature, the Abroa for the Savage Worlds RPG

More commonly referred to as carnivorous coins, abroa are the bane of greedy thieves and treasure seeking adventurers alike. Appearing as tarnished, worn coins, these gold-, copper-, or silver-colored, disk-shaped monstrosities live out most of their existence in dormancy, awaiting prey to approach the pile of coins they call home.

When anything comes within range of their senses, the blind abroa will all awaken and lay in wait for their prey to approach. If they are handled or moved, the abroa will spring to action by extending their ten tiny, insect-like legs to swarm their victim. Once their prey has been engaged en masse, the abroa will bite into it with their small, hidden mandibles to inject the victim with a potent acid to break the prey down into a pile of melted flesh that their sensitive stomachs can digest.

Carnivorous coins can eat just about anything except wood, gems, and stone. They prefer organics, however, and will only eat precious metals if that’s all that is available. Their acids break the materials down until it is dissolved into a jelly-like substance that can then be digested. They need to eat roughly their weight every day or risk having to hibernate until sufficient food is available.

Thieves’ guilds and the like have been known to breed colonies of abroa to keep watch over their valuables. They will seed the treasure room with cheap coins for the creatures to feed upon. The actual valuables will be kept in wood or stone containers to keep them safe.

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