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Has Your Savage Worlds Headquarters Reached its Potential?

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Headquarters Construction Guide, Savage Worlds Edition

Written by Steven Trustrum

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This content appears in Headquarters Construction Guide, Savage Worlds Edition PDF. You can also get it in print in black and white and color.

New & Expanded Headquarters Rooms

This Savage Worlds product from Misfit Studios includes over a dozen new or expanded Rooms to improve the options of what your base may include. The following is an example of the many new Rooms to be found in the Headquarters Construction Guide, Savage Worlds Edition PDF

Inventor Lab (+4)

This Room is equipped with all manner of technological components, allowing residents with the Invent power to use its resources to enhance their inventions. Doing so provides a bonus equal to the headquarters’ Facility Modifier to Knowledge (Engineering) and Repair rolls involving inventions made with the Room’s assistance.

Devices made with the Invent power with this Room’s aid require half as much time to create. Also, the Facility Modifier plus 2 is added to the character’s Invent levels for the sake of determining available Power Points for device creation.

These additional Power Points cannot be used for other inventions (including those made by other characters) until any existing devices already utilizing those points are returned and deconstructed within the lab. If this is not possible, new resources must be found to replace them but this cannot be done if the original devices remain within friendly hands—they must have been irrevocably lost or destroyed.

If the device is lost, stolen, or destroyed in such a fashion that the resources allotted them are deemed unreturnable, the Gamemaster may force the player characters to purchase the points for this Room again, in whole or in part.

Headquarters Construction Guide, Savage Worlds Edition

New Headquarters Extras

This Savage Worlds product includes nearly three dozen new Extras for your headquarters. The following is an example of the diverse new Extras to be found in the Headquarters Construction Guide, Savage Worlds Edition PDF.

Benny Pool (+5/Level)

Every level in this HQ Extra provides one Bennie that may be drawn upon by any character considered to be one of the headquarters’ owners, or who contributed to purchasing the headquarters. Unlike a character’s normal Bennies, all of the headquarters’ contributors/owners must agree to allow one of the HQ’s Bennies to be spent in a given situation.
The headquarters’ Bennie Pool replenishes with each new game session.


  • Restricted Access (–1 or –3): For –1 point, only half (rounded down) the used Bennies return at the next game session, requiring two game sessions for the spent Bennies to fully return. If only one Bennie was spent from the pool, two game sessions are required for its return. For –3 points, the characters must undergo some exceptional task, such as a quest, to replenish the Bennie Pool. Just what this task is must be worked out with the Gamemaster.

Introducing Headquarters Hindrances

Just as characters can have Hindrances, so now too can your base thanks to Headquarters Construction Guide, Savage Worlds Edition PDF. The following is one example of the more than a dozen HQ Hindrances to be found in this product.

Famous (Minor or Major)

The headquarters is well known and must contend with a steady stream of people who come to see it and want inside. This HQ Hindrance is especially appropriate to headquarters that also have the Landmark HQ Extra. Tourists regularly surround the base and guided tours may also occur at regular intervals throughout the day, creating a constant security risk as well as putting the tours at risk should the location come under attack. As a Minor HQ Hindrance, this occasionally occurs (often at the most inconvenient moment), but frequently happens if a Major H Hindrance.

Applying this HQ Hindrance is almost certainly not appropriate if the headquarters is extremely difficult (or even dangerous) to get to.

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