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More fun with Frank Beckles! Now with Exponentially more Slander!

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So, who here remembers my previous research into a guy by the name of Frank Beckles? If not, you can catch up on it here. Read it if you want to be able to appreciate the sheer idiocy of this guy’s latest antics.

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Why you shouldn't try ripping off a publisher

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Last month I was happy to find Hobby Armor Depot because, despite having a questionable-looking website, they offered a variety of 28mm vehicles I needed for Aim for the Head. Lots of variation at great prices, I thought. So, I contacted the site and placed an order for some M1 Abrams tanks, a Bradley, some 2.5 ton trucks, and some humvees. All of this came to a little over $150 after S/H and because I was buying so much, the site owner let me know he’d toss in some free vehicles. Great, I thought! As always, I used Paypal. The site owner assured me the models would ship ASAP and that a tracking number would be emailed on May 23rd. The 23rd came and went, but nothing. I emailed HAD five times without getting a single response, so I made a complaint to Paypal. A few days later I upgraded …