The Forums are Down, but the Site is Back Up

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Misfit Studios has been down for the past few days. It seems our web host has been noting irregular activity with our forum’s database (read: lots of spammers dropping by), but the email they sent on how to fix the database included incomplete instructions and then they didn’t respond to my email for clarification. Their response?

They shut down the site.

So, after going back and forth with their tech support for the past two days the site is back up, but the forums are currently disabled until I work out a solution (which will likely involve switching to new, more current and better supported board software.)

I have, however, noted that because my web host uses forced caching technology (after claiming they didn’t but finally admitted to doing after I explained in detail what forced caching is) some customers (and myself) will still see Globat’s parked site page until they hit CTRL+F5 to flush all forced cached files from their browser, forcing the browser to tap the server for the original data.

Now that this has all been worked out I can get back to doing something productive like writing books.

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