RPG Publishers Shop Ring

The RPG Publishers Shop Ring is intended to provide both customers and small press role-playing game publishers with a simple tool for browsing various game storefronts without depending upon a third-party storefront.

Do I Qualify As A Member?

This network of web sites is not open to the public, nor is it open to the publishers of role-playing games and related materials in general. It is not intended to be a collection of fans, fan sites dedicated to their favorite publishers and/or games, or game publishers in general. It is intended to serve a very specific purpose, and so only RPG (and related) publishers who have their own storefront are allowed to be members.

Membership is not open and is subject to approval by the ring's management and anyone who attempts joining without meeting the outlined criteria will be refused.

Thanks to William E. Corrie III of Hinterwelt Enterprises for designing the site ring's logo.

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