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Misfit Studios Role Playing Games is a small press publishing company that endeavours (yes, we’re based in Canada, so that’s the sort of spelling you’ll see on this site) to publish the kind of role-playing game products we ourselves want to bring to the gaming table to enjoy.

Quite simply, we at Misfit Studios are, and shall always be, gamers first and foremost, and that fact shall be the driving force behind everything we do.

What Misfit Studios Publishes

We publish a wide range of role-playing game products for a variety of game systems, often under license. Misfit Studios is also currently working on developing its first in-house set of rules, PD46FX, and a set of rules for dynamic miniature gaming.

  • Pathfinder Role-Playing Game PFRPG: We provide a small (but growing) number of Pathfinder products. We will be expanding on our offerings soon, starting with an update and re-release of our popular Core Specialist Wizard product line.
  • Armageddon: the End Times: Misfit Studios Role Playing Games is the only company Eden Studios has thus far licensed to produce for their exceptional role-playing game of religious, spiritual, and military apocalypse.
  • BASH!: Misfit Studios now publishes versions of its super-hero genre products for the BASH! system of role-playing game rules.
  • Fate™ / ICONS: So far we have only produced a limited amount of role-playing game products for ICONS, but we have plans to expand our Fate™ line of role-playing game products when we have the time. We want to keep putting out ICONS products, as well as stuff that is all our own.
  • Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition: We are the foremost third-party publisher of Superlink ( second edition ) role-playing game products. No other publisher, except Green Ronin itself, had so much additional rules content published for this role-playing game.
  • Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition: As we did with the second edition, Misfit Studios is again moving to dominate third-party publishing for the third edition with its many Misfit Studios Mutants & Masterminds products already available, with yet more to come.
  • SpirosBlaak Setting: A fun role-playing game setting with a steampunk feel that is also dominated by lycanthropes. We are currently planning a Pathfinder role-playing game edition.
  • Savage Worlds: We have published a number of small role-playing game products of professions, monsters, player races, traps, super-hero content, and items. We also have plans to continue expanding this product line that has proven to be a fan favorite.

Working with Misfit Studios Role Playing Games

We are currently looking or artists for commission work and to partner with for selling art they own the rights to as stock art. If you are interested, please read our Art Submission information page.

Misfit Studios Role Playing Games is not currently looking for unsolicited freelance writers, although we’re open to helping you imprint something you are able to produce on your own and need help bringing to market, or if you have an idea for a collaborative project.
Misfit Studios Role Playing Games Crusader

Playtesting New Product for Misfit Studios

We are constantly in need of playtesters — even if it’s just to proofread and double check game stats. If there is a product line you are interested in helping out with, email us with the subject line “Playtesting” and let us know why you think you’d be a good fit and with which product lines you want to help.

And when we say we want you to “playtest” for Misfit Studios Role Playing Games, we don’t necessarily mean you have to put everything through its paces in an actual game. Usually, it is good enough to have a look at something, proof it, consider how it would operate in a game, and give feedback. Most playtesting is actually about assessing and evaluating new content.

So, if you think you know the rules well enough for any of the role-playing game systems Misfit Studios is currently producing for, email us and sign up for some playtesting!

All Misfit Studios playtesters receive a free digital copy (PDF) of anything they notably contribute to.

… check back for Misfit Studios Role Playing Games developments