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Misfit Studios is a small press publishing company that endeavours (yes, we’re based in Canada, so that’s the sort of spelling you’ll see on this site) to publish the kind of products we ourselves want to bring to the gaming table to enjoy.

Quite simply, we at Misfit Studios are, and shall always be, gamers first and foremost, and that fact shall be the driving force behind everything we do.

What Misfit Studios Publishes

We publish a wide range of products for a variety of game systems, often under license. Misfit Studios is also currently working on developing its first in-house set of rules, PD46FX, and a set of rules for dynamic miniature gaming.

Working with Us

We are currently looking or artists for commission work and to partner with for selling art they own the rights to as stock art. If you are interested, please read our Art Submission information page.

Misfit Studios is not currently looking for unsolicited freelance writers, although we’re open to helping you imprint something you are able to produce on your own and need help bringing to market, or if you have an idea for a collaborative project.


We are constantly in need of playtesters — even if it’s just to proof read and double check game stats. If there is a product line you are interested in helping out with, email us with the subject line “Playtesting” and let us know why you think you’d be a good fit and with which product lines you want to help.

All playtesters receive a 15% discount at our store, and a free digital copy (PDF) of anything they notably contribute to.




… check back for Misfit Studios developments

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