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While most other third-party publishers were focusing on publishing characters for Mutants & Masterminds Superlink, Misfit Studios produced the two largest, most extensive third-party rules supplements for the license. We also brought back and expanded upon the concept of synergy to the rules.

Metahuman Martial ArtsM&M Superlink: Metahuman Martial Arts

Stock #: MIS5003

Looking to add some fist-flying, kick-wheeling mayhem to your game? If so, Metahuman Martial Arts is the ultimate combat sourcebook for the M&M Superlink rule system is what you have been waiting for.

Metahuman Martial Arts provides new rules and concepts that allow you to bring martial arts out from the obscurity of using existing rules to “fake” a fighting style by transforming the combat arts into a more direct and specific aspect of the game, allowing martial arts to stand on its own two feet.

This new material includes:

  • Over 80 basic and advanced combat maneuvers—power constructs and builds representing common martial arts attacks and the like, ready to go for your use.
  • Nearly 150 new, revised, and relevant feats, including an entirely new category available only to those who pursue the martial arts.
  • A new Martial Arts skill, and several new uses for other skills.
  • 150+ fighting style packages, representing more than 100 real combat styles built using the M&M Superlink rules, along with additional, fictional styles based on the cinema, fantasy genre, and super-hero comic books.
  • New, expanded, revised, or collected combat rules designed to accommodate staples of the martial arts genre, including new combat action types, disabling critical hits, new vehicle maneuvers, and details on targeting specific locations.
  • 17 new genre-oriented archetypes, including the Chosen One, Heroic Luchador, and Rogue Ninja, along with 5 villain archetypes, several new and revised minions, and a number of samples of heroic and villainous characters and organizations.
  • An impressive arsenal of new and revised weapons.

… and just about everything you would expect to fill the spaces in-between.

If you have ever wanted the fighting arts to be anything more than merely a special effect for a handful of feats available to everyone, then Metahuman Martial Arts is the sourcebook you have been waiting for.

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Better MousetrapM&M Superlink: Better Mousetrap

Stock #: MIS5004

Better Mousetrap, our latest and most comprehensive Superlink project to date, is an invaluable tool for both Gamemasters and players. Although designed with creating more interesting villains in mind, Better Mousetrap also contains plenty of new material for building heroes and villains alike.
Inside (among other things), you will find:

  • Over 60 new feats, including two new feat categories (Minion and Organization)
  • Several new super powers and power feats
  • Plenty of new extras, flaws, complications and drawbacks
  • 7 villain archetypes
  • 10 minion archetypes
  • 2 complete villain organizations
  • 6 solo villains
  • Rules for building organizations and crowds as characters
  • Revised and expanded headquarters rules
  • Plenty of new gadgets, weapons, traps, and ingenious WMDs with which to outfit your game’s bad guys

and lots more!

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Superior Synergy: SuperheroicM&M Superlink: Superior Synergy Superheroic

Stock #: MIS5005

Wondering what happened to skill synergy in the second edition? Pondering reintroducing it to your game? Yeah, us too.

Superior Synergy returns skill synergy to your Superlink games, placing benchmarks at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 skill ranks. Not all benefits are merely increases in a simple synergy bonus, either. Some benefits include reduced times needed to perform tasks associated or altered DC modifiers with the synergy skill.

And it doesn’t end there! Superior Synergy also introduces power synergy. Much like skill synergy, power synergy allows two or more powers to work together for additional benefits they couldn’t achieve on their own.

Don’t be satisfied with poor skill and power planning. Check out Superior Synergy: Superheroic, the third in the Superior Synergy series and let your characters make the most of their potential.

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The Four Color DeckM&M Superlink The Four Color Deck2

Stock #: MIS5020

Super-hero comic books are rife with the unexpected and the unexplained, the tragic and the glorious, and so too should your super-hero M&M Superlink game session. The Four Color Deck fulfils this role by introducing a new element of play that requires both strategy and tactics, while retaining the touch of randomness and fate.

The Four Color Deck is so named because each of the four traditional comic book print colors has been associated with a type of card that can be incorporated into your game, with cyan representing game mechanics (offering bonuses, penalties, and the like), magenta covering plot elements (dropping twists and turns into the story in true comic book fashion), yellow introducing aspects of the environment (accidents, crowds, and the like), and black indicating detrimental conditions (when bad things happen to good people.) Also included are special cards that add something extra that doesn’t fall into one of the areas covered by the four colors, including cards that directly influence and interact with other cards in the deck.

Along with the brief and easy-to-use rules detailing how the cards are drawn, played, and discarded, you’ll also find instructions on how to print and mount the cards, along with empty templates for easily filling in your own creations or adding more cards of the existing types in combinations of your choosing. However, this is just an option for those of you who like to get creative, as eighteen sheets of card combinations are included, each containing twelve cards.

Print them out, shuffle them up, and get ready for a new layer of fun in your M&M Superlink game, the Four Color Deck way!

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