SpirosBlaak Setting

SpirosBlaak LogoSpirosBlaak was a setting Steven Trustrum wrote as a freelancer, and it has since come “back home,” so to speak. The setting combines high fantasy with steampunk elements.

This page lists all of the setting’s products, regardless of the rules used.

You should also have a look at the SpirosBlaak Chronicles, a diary of a preist’s trek across the Archduchy of SpirosBlaak.

SpirosBlaak (OGL)SpirosBlaak Core Setting

Stock #: GRR1404

SpirosBlaak, one of Green Ronin’s critically acclaimed Mythic Vistas line, presents a complete archduchy that can be used as a stand-alone campaign setting or integrated into an existing world. With the gods fallen, it is up to the Player Characters to bring light and hope back into an archduchy overrun with lycanthropes. In addition to detailing this grim and gritty setting, SpirosBlaak includes black powder rules, new core and prestige classes, and a plethora of new gods. When the moon is full, will you lock your door and hide or draw your sword and fight?

Inside you’ll find:

  • A detailed setting with a rich history, full of political, physical and spiritual conflict.
  • New gods, skills and feats, including specialized feats for improving lycanthropes, one of the setting’s key races.
  • 9 new monsters, along with 4 new kinds of lycanthrope.
  • 13 new races, including technological goblins, hulking half-ogres, and shapeshifting lycanthropes.
  • Notes on adapting the core classes to the setting, including rules on a new approach to paladins.
  • 4 new core classes: the noble, pirate, prophet and technologist.
  • 9 new prestige classes, including the marksman, pistoleer and kav (lycanthrope) slayer.
  • Detailed rules for black powder weapons, including pistols, muskets, cannons and grenades.
  • A bounty of new spells and cleric domains.
  • A detailed glossary.

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Treasure Trove #1: SpirosBlaak ArsenalTreasure Trove #1: SpirosBlaak Arsenal

Stock #: MIS3001

This book expands upon the black powder weapons and rules found in the core setting book, SpirosBlaak. Among other things, this book includes:

  • Over 20 new feats involving black powder-level technology
  • Rules for using black powder weapons
  • Over 50 black powder firearms and lots of cannons, medieval mortars, rockets, organ guns and more
  • Black powder-related magical items and new magical item weapon qualities
  • he technologist core class, and the artillery adept, grenadier, marksman and pistoleer PrCs
  • … and plenty more

Although the book’s crunch is geared towards the SpirosBlaak setting, its information fits into any d20 setting with no effort.

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SpirosBlaak: Creatures of the ArchduchySpirosBlaak: Creatures of the Archduchy

Stock #: MIS3005

SpirosBlaak is a dynamic setting of troubled times, hazardous politics, deadly black powder weapons and rampaging lycanthropes. Well, the Archduchy just got a whole lot more dangerous with the release of SpirosBlaak: Creatures of the Archduchy. Within this work you’ll find 15 new creatures and 2 non-player characters, including:

  • Creature statistics for the new races introduced in the core setting book: the Arkanoclian Dwarf, Bakad Goblin, Voesti Goblin, Witch Hill Goblin, Half-Ogre, Iguanalon, Lavayne, and Mentor.
  • The Armageddon Dragon Template. These dragons have been transformed into servants of pure chaos, to what ends remains unknown.
  • The Armageddon Giant Template. Much like the Armageddon dragon, these gians have been transformed into servants of chaos.
  • The Chosen of Jestale Template. These zealous servants of the Rotting Lord walk the land, spreading disease wherever they roam.
  • The Dungeon Warden. An unusual construct that uses a dwelling or dungeon as its body, assuming complete control over its environment as the ultimate impediment to thieves and adventurers.
  • The Corruption Elemental. Found in the lands that have fallen to the inexplicable corruption that continues to despoil the Archduchy, these creatures exist only to increase the spread and infect living creatures with its foulness.
  • The Warder Golem. The massive, homicidal roaming golems for which the Warden Hills take their name.
  • The Merithian Mummy Template. Servants of the lost machine god of the ancient and long fallen civilization of Merithian, these powerful undead are as much machine as they are decayed flesh.
  • The Gunman NPC. The most wanted man in the entire Archduchy, this incomparable and mysterious pistoleer wanders the land, shrouded in bandages. He rights what he sees as wrong, no matter what the law says to the contrary.
  • Kushpan Pal, an evil paladin, is one of the Archduchy’s more dangerous independent lycanthropes. This werewolf warlord frequently conducts raids upon his mount, Skullstomper.

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