Misfit Marketing Methods – ep. 2 Social Media Basics

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Steven Trustrum of Misfit Studios talks about how to transform social media into effective marketing channels. Everything is put in a context related to game publishers and small press. If you like this video, leave us comments and share with your friends. Leave questions you’d like Steven to address in future episodes.

Misfit Marketing Methods – ep. 1 Intro to Marketing

Steven Trustrum Misfit Marketing Methods

Steven Trustrum provides an intro to content marketing aimed at small press publishers and game publishers. We get started with some basics, so this is a good start for any neophytes looking to up their marketing abilities.

Leave Misfit Studios Video Feedback and Reviews

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Share Your Opinions with Misfit Studios Have you purchased a Misfit Studios product and want to let us know what you think of it? Had an experience with Misfit Studios and/or its staff and want to speak up? Misfit Studios now offers a direct video recording feedback system you can use from a desktop or laptop webcam, or from any mobile device with an Internet connection and camera. No software installation required! So, have a look at our live video feedback page and tell us what you think.

Salt in Wounds Setting Kickstarter for Pathfinder and 5e

Steven Trustrum Pathfinder, Press Release

JM Perkins, author of Misfit Studios’ Adequate Commoner sourcebook, brings you an imaginative new setting via Kickstarter. Check out Salt in Wounds and take your game in a new direction!

Misfit Studios Presents Savage September for Savage Worlds

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Savage September from Misfit Studios serves up Low Cost Savage Worlds Goodies Misfit Studios presents Savage September! We offer discounts on all of our Savage Worlds Back Catalog * throughout the month, and will follow up wth a number of new releases as Savage September progresses. Use this opportunity to round out your Savage Worlds library and keep an eye out for our new content as the weeks go by. Savage Worlds New Misfit Studios Products for Savage September So far, our plans for Savage Worlds product releases this month include $layers, a long-delayed grim and grimy vampire mini-setting written by Gerry Sarraco. We also have a new product line launch planned. Each Savage Worlds Modern Gear Guide release will briefly touch upon a particular type or category of weapon, gear, vehicle, or the like. We’ll be starting off with the Modern Gear Guide: Ammunition release sometime this month. * …