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The following products were produced for the d20 Modern system, although the Odyssey Prime products also include Unisystem rules.

d20 Modern Misfit: Pleasant Glades Modern Misfit: Pleasant Glades

Stock #: MIS2001

In this d20 Modern adventure, the entire town of Pleasant Glades has gone silent — nobody has come out and no sign of life is visible from the outside. Nobody has heard from them and those that have tried going in to see what is what have not returned.

This adventure is designed to be incredibly open-ended and is more of a mapless “plug-in” for an existing campaign than a complete adventure of the traditional “holding the GM’s hand” style. Because of this, it can fit into just about any d20 Modern game and has purposely been left wide open for adaptation to any genre.

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Modern Misfit: Storming Heaven’s Shores Modern Misfit: Storming Heaven's Shores

Stock #: MIS2002

In this d20 Modern adventure, the Vatican has been invaded and taken over by terrorists with an unknown agenda. Designed for mid- to high-level characters, re-taking the Holy See is no simple task — the villains are all highly motivated to see things through all the way to the bitter, bloody end.

Although designed for a more realistic, modern gaming genre, this adventure includes tips on how to adjust the product’s contents to suit other options and perhaps even game systems other than d20 Modern.

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Superior Synergy: Modern and Future Superior Synergy: Modern and Future

Stock #: MIS2007

Have you ever wondered why, when the class levels allow you to have as many as 23 skill ranks in a given skill, that synergy stops at 5 ranks? Yeah, us too.

Superior Synergy: Modern and Future introduces new skill synergy levels at three new benchmarks: 10, 15 and 20 for the d20 Modern system. Not all benefits are merely increases in a simple synergy bonus, either. Some benefits include reduced times needed to perform tasks associated or altered DC modifiers with the synergy skill.

It doesn’t end there, either. Superior Synergy: Modern and Future also introduces feat synergy. Much like skill synergy, feat synergy allows two or more d20 Modern feats to work together for additional benefits they couldn’t achieve on their own without having to take additional feats.

Don’t be satisfied with poor skill and feat planning. Check out Superior Synergy: Modern and Future, the second in the Superior Synergy series and let your d20 Modern characters make the most of their potential.

This product has not been password protected so that you may bookmark it to your needs.

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Modern Misfit: The Painting Modern Misfit: The Painting

Stock #: MIS2011

In this d20 Modern adventure, the characters must pursue a lost (stolen?) painting. The path before them will lead them into entanglements with child slavers, Nazi blood cults and worse.

This adventure ends with several ideas on how a Gamemaster may pursue the basic premise into the future.

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Odyssey Prime (d20 Modern/Unisystem) Odyssey Prime (d20 Modern/Unisystem)

Stock #: EDN7200

The government has a secret. This secret must be kept from the populace at all costs, lest a panic of incomparable proportions be unleashed.

Doomsday is coming and the clock is running to find humanity a new home.

Odyssey Prime finds the characters assigned to teams of agents that operate under the utmost secrecy. Their job? Traveling to different realities in the hopes of finding a safe place for Earth’s occupants. In the meanwhile, they make allies, thwart enemies, and find new technologies and intelligence that will assist their cause. The players don’t just play one team, though. Each player will take on the role of two characters: one for the Odyssey Team that scours the multiverse and another for the Dam Con team, the operatives assigned to keep the world in the dark.

Inside Odyssey Prime you will find:

  • Lots of details on Project Odyssey, including its history, goals, personnel and methods of operation.
  • Insight into the end of the world and what humanity is doing to save itself.
  • Guidelines on running Odyssey Team and Damage Control Team campaigns side-by-side.
  • 12 new advanced classes and 2 that have been revised for d20 Modern and 4 new archetypes for the Unisystem.
  • 8 new skill uses, 6 new skills and over 30 new feats for d20 Modern, along with 4 new skills, 4 new Qualities and 3 new Drawbacks for the Unisystem.
  • Enough new weapons, electronics, explosives and vehicles in both d20 Modern and Unisystem rules to outfit your players and keep them happy for a long time.
  • Plenty of adventure seeds, rules and guidelines for adventure and world building, and suggestions on adapting third-party products to your needs. Rules on making your d20 Modern or Unisystem game more dramatic.

Gear-up, strap in and get ready to go on the wildest ride humanity has ever known because the fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

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Southern Discomfort(d20 Modern/Unisystem) Southern Discomfort

Stock #: EDN7201

Some drunken South Carolina teenagers claim to have seen the Loch Ness Monster while out boating in the Charleston Harbor near Fort Sumter. Normally Project Odyssey ignores such crazy assertions, but a Coast Guard informant confirmed something big and “odd” is indeed swimming about the harbor. Since a gate mishap caused the last known dinosaur, Nessie, in fact, to appear, the Project’s leaders want this claim investigated. If the creature does exist, Dam Con is to capture and contain it, leaving no evidence for the curious to question.

Southern Discomfort is a beginning-level Odyssey Prime d20 Modern/Unisystem ™ adventure written by Christina Stiles for both Dam Con and Odyssey Teams. The adventure includes possible tie-ins with Goodman Games’ d2 Modern Broncosaurus Rex, proving that most games/game worlds are compatible with Odyssey Prime.

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