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OGL Barbarian products were produced for the modified d20 Fantasy system another company used to create a gaming world for fantasy’s most famous barbarian character.

OGL Barbarian: The Barbaric WarriorOGL Barbarian: The Barbaric Warrior

Stock #: MIS1005

Is your game barbaric enough?

Do the warriors in your campaign have “performance” problems?

Are you looking for something to put a little more hack in their slash?

If so, the OGL Barbarian Barbaric Warrior is the PDF for you!

Here is what you will find within OGL Barbarian Barbaric Warrior

  • 17 new feats to help your characters face down their foes
  • 11 new combat maneuvers with which to hack, slash, crash, and bash
  • New weapons and armor, including piecemeal armor for those warriors who do not want to wear a full suit
  • 10 new prestige classes: the divine falconer (master trainer of falcons), the honor duelist (includes information on dueling societies), the horse lord (master trainer and breeder of horses, and incomparable warrior while mounted), the kindred archer (without peer when armed with a bow), the mauler (who needs weapons when they can tear their opponents apart with their hands?), the pit fighter (exceptional warriors enslaved for the enjoyment of others), warrior of dreams (enhanced martial skill by entering the trance of the black lotus), the hawkeye (master of thrown weaponry), the sea devil (marauding Northmen), and the deep wilder (pariah of civilization)
  • 2 new codes of honor: the duelist code and the pit fighter code
  • 10 non-player characters: one of each prestige class
  • What good is a divine falconer prestige class without game statistics for the falcon?
  • All you need to organize and run pit fights, including tables for determining the money on hand for betting and a map of a typical fighting pit
  • A tournament tracking chart for keeping on top of a pit fighting tournament’s flow of victory and death
  • Black lotus addiction rules– information that is especially important to the warrior of dreams

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OGL Barbarian: The Barbaric Sorcerer OGL Barbarian: The Barbaric Sorcerer

Stock #: MIS1006

Is your game barbaric enough?

Are the sorcerers in your barbaric campaign making the most of their abilities?

Do the various Rules of Sorcery feel like they are missing that personal touch?

Do you wonder what happened to all those arcane sites of the old, forgotten world?

If so, the OGL Barbarian Barbaric Sorcerer is the PDF for you!

Here is what you will find within OGL Barbarian Barbaric Sorcerer

  • Over 20 new feats to help your characters tweak their sorcery
  • Introducing Sorcerous Maneuvers — techniques that resemble Combat Maneuvers except they utilize magic.
  • 7 new prestige classes: the blood theurgist (enhanced power through self-mutilation), the Child of Set (born of Set’s mortal influence), the geomancer (master builder of sorcerous locations), the purifier (hunter of sorcerers), the runecaster (able to use runes to alter sorcery’s effects), the tattooed mystic (stores spells in skin art for later use), and the witch doctor (primitive totem sorcerer.)
  • A new Sorcery Style only available to the blood theurgist PRC: Blood Witchery
  • Over 20 new spells
  • Rules on natural and manmade Places of Power, sites that tap into the universe’s magic. Includes rules on how to access and employ the power within these sites, as well as rules on how to build your own. Includes 4 sample Places of Power for immediate use in your game.
  • New sorcerous societies, the Brotherhood of Atlantis, Bloodletters, and the Sacred Order of Builders
  • New sorcerous items, including 2 new types of lotus and rules on a how a spell focus can become enchanted accidentally through its use.

Don’t let improved magic slip through your fingers — buy OGL Barbarian Barbaric Sorcerer today!

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OGL Barbarian: Barbaric TreasuresOGL Barbarian: Barbaric Treasures

Stock #: MIS1009

Tired of your game’s only worldly rewards being silver pieces?

Want to make your mundane treasures less mundane?

Looking to tie your treasure to the setting’s history?

If so, OGL Barbarian Barbaric Treasures has what you want.

Here is what you will find within OGL Barbarian Barbaric Treasures:

  • 5 new feats to change how characters interact with their treasures
  • 7 new skills or skill uses to make crafting and professions more relevant to your game
  • A new success and failure scaling skill system to remove the simple fail or succeed nature of skill checks. Now how well or poorly you roll either enhances the skill check result or makes things worse by degrees tied directly to the roll’s result.
  • A system for determining how much an item’s value changes by demand and availability
  • Lists of trade goods that will prove why it is worth your time to steal more from those merchants and caravans than just their silver
  • What you will need to know to open a shop or storefront related to your Craft or Profession skills
  • New equipment to aid on adventures
  • Updated lists of new weapons and armor, including barding armor for your mounts and weapon modifications
  • See why kings will go to war to get their hands on Atlantean weapons and armor, the closest a character in a barbaric setting is likely to get to magical weapons
  • The newThrough the Guts combat maneuver
  • Information on the value of gems, animal hides and furs, and art objects
  • A variety of unique treasures, including weapons, art pieces, tomes of knowledge and artifacts, each of which has its own scale of success and failure to outline its specific history

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