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The Dracula Vampire Journals Part One – Jonathan Harker (1of2) The Dracula Vampire Journals Part One - Jonathan Harker (1of2)

Stock #: MIS2500

This is a new interpretation of the Bram Stoker literary classic work of fiction presented in the concept form originally envisioned by its author.

Comprised of journal entries and letters by the novel’s three main protagonists, Jonathan Harker, Mina Murray Harker and Dr. Seward, this popular fiction has become more significant to modern readers reaching iconic status, as well as being a great fiction of adventure.

In this first journal, the reader will find the words and thoughts of Jonathan Harker.

Illustrated PDF book with gothic vampire theme presented as an aged journal with handwritten style text, vintage illustrations, and cover.

Both a color and print-friendly version of the product are included. The print version includes all the journal entries, not just those included in this e-product.

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Hartshorn Hartshorn fiction

Stock #: MIS2501

Kellean T’Errigal, a man born upon Earth but not of it, has returned to the place of his birth to address a grievous wrong against an ancient enemy, an enemy that will assail the land he is one day destined to rule if he cannot secure the justice he seeks.

To secure his future and ensure his past, Kellian must ride the mystical power of the hart’s horn to return to his birthplace in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where his mind and body are assaulted by his greatest foe and the Dark Angel she has summoned to end his life. As her ultimate adversary and the greatest threat to her goal of dominating the Nine Worlds, Kellean’s duty demands he follow the path laid out before him and ride the hart’s horn between worlds in order to battle an impossible opponent time and again. With death facing him on every world his destiny draws him to, Kellean must reconcile what he believes he already knows with the truths his journey reveals to him, all the while striving to find a way to survive unforgiving environs, treacherous traps and enemies, and the desires of his own heart.

Hartshorn is a fiction of one man’s obligations to himself and those he holds dear, and the evils he must overcome to not only survive, but also arise victorious!

View and purchase other books by the author,W Fraser Sandercombe,,HERE.

Both a PDF and ebook (.prc) file are included.

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Whispers from the Shadows Hartshorn fiction

Stock #: MIS2502

Whispers from the Shadows is a collection of poetry that spans more than a decade, and covers a variety of topics and subjects.

The author uses his poems to discuss topics ranging from love to morality to religion to, ultimately, death.

Best known for writing role-playing games, this collection of poetry that was largely written before Steven produced any commercial writing will likely be seen as an odd departure for the author.

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