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Our Pathfinder Role-Playing Game Rules products provide deliver new and expanded (and even improved rules) rules of different natures.

The Spellweaver Pathfinder Role-Playing Game — PFRPG Edition The Spellweaver Pathfinder Role-Playing Game -- PFRPG Edition

Stock #: MIS0009-PF

The Spellweaver Pathfinder Role-Playing Game — PFRPG Edition presents an alternate magic system that transforms arcane magic into a matter of skill and not just level climbing.

Using the new Spellweaving skill, a spellweaver is able to manipulate the threads of magic that spread throughout Existence like an infinite web of arcane energy. Using this system, arcane spells of any level may be cast so long as the character is sufficiently skilled and willing to risk the hazardous repercussions of failure.

Inside you will find instructions on how to integrate this new form of skill-based magic into your game setting, or how to replace the existing magic system outright. The simple rules for doing so are presented in easy-to-read tables that can be used for converting third party spells to Spellweaving DCs.

Also within are …

  • The Spellweaver Pathfinder Role-Playing Game — PFRPG Edition Base Class, along with 4 Archetypes
  • 4 Spellweaving-related Prestige Classes: the Battle Weaver, Cartomancer, Fated, and Weave Dancer
  • More than 30 new feats concerning this new magic system and notes on how existing feats relate to Spellweaving
  • A new race of natural spellweavers, the spider-like Ardekh
  • A new, Spellweaving-based goddess, a new cleric domain, new spells, and new magic items related to Spellweaving
  • 5 new creatures, a new hazard, the Weave creature subtype, and a new creature template
  • Rules for lands where the Weave acts abnormally
  • All PSRD spells converted to Spellweaving DC to save you time

Updated, clarified, and expanded from the original 3.5 OGL rules release, this latest version for Pathfinder Role-Playing Game — PFRPG also adds over 30 pages of material.

The time has come to break the mold and put spell slots aside.

The digital version of The Spellweaver Pathfinder Role-Playing Game — PFRPG Edition includes a colored version and a more print friendly version with backgrounds and cover removed. Both versions are fully bookmarked and have a hyperlinked table of contents for your convenience. A spreadsheet has also been included to make calculating third-party spell DCs easier and faster. The spreadsheet is also provided free from our download section.

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Superior Synergy Fantasy Pathfinder Role-Playing Game — PFRPG Edition Superior Synergy Fantasy Pathfinder Role-Playing Game -- PFRPG Edition

Stock #: MIS0010-PF

Superior Synergy Fantasy Pathfinder Role-Playing Game — PFRPG Edition brings the concept of game mechanic synergy back into your favorite fantasy role-playing game system. The idea that some game mechanics (such as skills) are innately compatible with other game mechanics in ways that can influence the game without choosing additional elements (such as feats) to permit their use makes a comeback in a greatly expanded and revised way.

Inside you will find:

  • The basis of synergy relationships, Skill Synergy is back and more balanced than ever. Rather than basing the synergy result’s outcome on an immutable, flat bonus based on skill ranks, one skill may now add benefits (or detriments) to another skill through the uncertainty of its own separate skill roll. Skill Synergy is no longer a sure thing and may even backfire, but the rewards may be worth the risk.
  • Feat Synergy illustrates how some feats naturally complement each other to allow for new effects and abilities via the inherent knowledge, training, or talent they represent. This is done without the need to take yet another feat to allow such a relationship to influence game play.
  • Classes do not exist in a vacuum and characters should not be seen as leaving behind knowledge previously learned when they multiclass. Class Synergy introduces ways abilities gained from different classes may interact and evolve together, combining the various areas of expertise the character has acquired towards new results. This adds an entirely new layer of meaning when considering how your character should multiclass.
  • Magic Synergy provides a few ways magic can work together to create new effects … intended or not.
  • Craft Synergy combines skills, feats, class abilities, and materials to illustrate an understanding that can result in special, non-magical abilities being added to some items.

Despite care being taken to maintain game balance, some players and Gamemasters may still consider the various types of synergy too imbalanced for use in their games. No problem! This product also includes options on including synergy in your game while addressing game balance via limitations and ways to purchase the advantage of synergy game mechanics rather than gaining it automatically.

Updated, clarified, and vastly expanded from the original 3.5 OGL rules release, this latest version for the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game — PFRPG also adds over 50 pages of content.

The digital version of Superior Synergy Fantasy Pathfinder Role-Playing Game — PFRPG Edition includes a complete, fully bookmarked version and a more print friendly version with backgrounds and cover removed. A print/copy friendly PDF of the reference sheets is also included.

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You’re Gonna Die Screaming Optimization GuideYou're Gonna Die Screaming Optimization Guide for Pathfinder

Stock #: MIS0020

You’re Gonna Die Screaming, the Optimization Guide to Commoners shows you how to take this NPC class out of the background and put it at the forefront of your game by helping players make the most out of commoner characters.

As an optimization guide, You’re Gonna Die Screaming shows you the highs and lows of the choices you make while building a commoner character. Knowing which race gives you the most, best helpful abilities from the start, which abilities to favor, and which skills and feats will give you the most mileage all improve your commoner’s chances of survival.

But, with proper optimization, your commoner’s won’t just survive. They can actually thrive!

Your choices are color coded, based upon the author’s explanations and opinions, to show you how best to optimize your commoner character.

You’re Gonna Die Screaming and the Adequate Commoner

You’re Gonna Die Screaming also serves as a primer for the Adequate Commoner, the ultimate adequate guide to running a campaign centered around commoner characters. Look for this product also coming from Misfit Studios.

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The Adequate CommonerThe Adequate Commoner for the Pathfinder RPG

Stock #: MIS0021

The Adequate Commoner for the Pathfinder RPG presents a new perspective on what is probably the most overlooked character in any game: the Commoner NPC class. Now commoners can be more than just faces in a crowd and cannon fodder. They can be the player characters!

The Adequate Commoner puts several new twists on these (traditionally) non-player characters, providing new ways to use them to infuse new life into your game.

Want to play a commoner with lofty goals? Try out the Gear Commoner or Mythic Commoner. We’ve also tossed in some Commoner Jobs to better customize your character with new options.

Interested in New Commoner Feats and New Commoner Traits? Well, those are here too, as well as ways to use creative feat combinations towards creating an effective fighting style. And what would these fighting styles be without a selection of Commoner Weapons?

Even a superior commoner is not likely to survive a life of adventure for long without some help. That’s why we’ve provided an arsenal of New Tools, Consumables, and Ammunition, as well as New Magic Items and New Alchemical Items of particular interest to such an aspiring hero. And if that isn’t enough to not just keep your commoner alive, but bring them victory, how about checking out the new concept of Improvised Traps?

Rounding out such goodies are tactics and suggestions for running a commoner character game, as well as Cooks’ Day Out, a beginning adventure for commoner characters just hoping to survive the day.

… and there’s more!

So, if you’re bored with the exceptional and fed-up with the extraordinary, how about giving the mundane a try?

We promise, your commoners will never seem common again.

Both a color and print-friendly version of the product are included. We’ve also added an intractable, tablet-friendly landscape version.

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The Book of Passion PreviewThe Book of Passion Preview

Stock #: MIS0042

The Book of Passion brings options to let you include love and sex into your OGL 3.75 game. The book, by authors Will Wells and Margherita Tramontano, covers rules for sex, new archetypes, ways to integrate the material into new and existing games, and a discussion of how fantasy societies and races view both love and sex.

This preview includes:

  • A new paladin oath: love
  • A new cleric archetype: sacred prostitute
  • A new spell: crossbreeding
  • A Celestial Hierarch: Agrat bat Mahlat
  • A discussion of how kinks work in the system

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The Book of PassionThe Book of Passion Preview

Stock #: MIS0056

Passion. Love. Romance.

The great stories throughout history have always included some elements of these, and now the stories you tell in your campaign can as well!

Written by adults for adults, without the wink-wink, nudge-nudge, tone of earlier works covering the topic, The Book of Passion is a serious look at the themes, topics, and possibilities that your players can use to help tell the stories that they want to tell: falling in love; cultural differences between lovers; sex; pregnancy and childbirth; how to weave stories with these elements into your game; and more.

The Book of Passion is a 280-page book that adds role-playing rules for love and sex to your OGL 3.75 campaign.

The Book of Passion contains chapters on

  • Rules for sex
  • New archetypes and class options for over 30 classes
  • Feats and Traits
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Magic and spells
  • And more!

Warning: This product contains graphic and mature representations of a mature nature, including nudity, sexuality, and sex.

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