More Savage Worlds Goodness with New Headquarters Add-Ons

Steven Trustrum New Products, Savage Worlds

This instalment of our Super-Powered series for the Savage World rules provides 10 new add-ons for headquarters following the format presented in the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition.)

Return to Savage Worlds, along with 3 New Stock Art Pieces

Steven Trustrum New Products, Savage Worlds, Stock Art

After several years without an in-house release for the Savage Worlds game system, Misfit Studios returns with a new product line. Super-Powered will be a translation of our other super-hero genre products into Savage Worlds using the new Super Powers Companion (Second Edition.)

Looking for ICONS, BASH, and Savage Worlds writers

Steven Trustrum Press Release

Misfit Studios is seeking to expand its game offerings in 2014 by revisiting product lines it hasn’t done much with of late, and by opening up new ones. For this reason, we are seeking writers who are very familiar with one or more of the ICONS (Fate), BASH Ultimate Edition, and/or Savage Worlds game systems.

New Eric Lofgren Art and Selling Misfit Studios via Studio 2

Steven Trustrum New Products, Press Release, Stock Art

Misfit Studios is always looking to branch out into selling its product through new venues, and so we have entered an agreement with Studio 2 Publishing to sell our products through their storefront. Although this storefront is largely focused upon Savage Worlds product (which we have), it also accommodates other game lines (which we also have), so it seemed like a good fit.

New Poll: the future of the SpirosBlaak Chronicles

Steven Trustrum New Poll

‘ve added a new poll to the blog regarding the serialized “SpirosBlaak Chronicles” story unravelling over at the SpirosBlaak site. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, this is an ongoing story I’m writing in the form of a journal kept by a wandering devotee of the god, Logothos.