The Bestiary of GOP, Grand Ol' Predators suffers a blow 24 hours into its release … and then bounces right back

Steven Trustrum Press Release

So, anyone who purchased this product already may have what is now considered a collector’s copy of the PDF.

Paizo has emailed Misfit Studios to remove the Pathfinder logo and compatibility text because of “adult content” in the product (I’ve gone out on a limb and guessed it has something to do with one of the santorum’s attacks — if you own the product you’ll know what I’m talking about.)

I’ve no hard feelings with Paizo on the matter, as it’s an understandable call. They were all very polite and professional about it, but because of it the PDF will not be sold on With the Pathfinder branding removed and OGL 3.5 compatibility logo added it will, however, remain for sale at OBS.

Cheers (and watch out for those santorums!)