Bram Stoker comes to Misfit Studios

Steven Trustrum Fiction, New Products

Dracula Journals Part 1In cooperation with Alvarez Odyssey, Inc., the small press publishing company, Misfit Studios, is bringing “The Dracula Vampire Journals Part One – Jonathan Harker” out in e-book form through

This is a new interpretation of the Bram Stoker literary classic presented in the concept form originally envisioned by its author.

Comprised of journal entries and letters by the novel’s three main protagonists, Jonathan Harker, Mina Murray Harker and Dr. Seward, this popular tale has become more significant to modern readers reaching iconic status as well as being a great adventure story.

In this first journal, the reader will find the words and thoughts of Jonathan Harker.

Illustrated PDF book with gothic vampire theme presented as an aged journal with handwritten style text, vintage illustrations, and cover. Aside from reading the journal for its own merit, this product is ideal as a prop or game aid during a horror-oriented role-playing game.

The complete hardcover, in print, is also available here.