Our new Web Series: Misfits on Wargaming

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With work well underway on Misfit Studios‘ first wargame, Aim for the Head, I’ve started a new web series shot in HD, Misfits on Wargaming, on our Youtube channel.

The series will focus on building some of the things I use in my games, as well as discussing appropriate products, Aim for the Head game play, and so on, and even discussion of Misfit Studios‘ role-playing game products.

Misfits on Wargaming, Episode 1

In the first episode (broken down into 4 parts due to Youtube’s duration restrictions) I talk about how to make the water terrain tiles I use. I discuss everything from the supplies I use through the build process and how to plan how many you’ll need to get the end result you want.

Here are the videos

Episode 1, part 1 of 4

Episode 1, part 2 of 4

Episode 1, part 3 of 4

Episode 1, part 4 of 4

This is my first web series, so I welcome feedback, good or bad, as well as general comments and suggestions.

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