Bestiary of GOP (Grand Ol' Predators) is on its way

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This small PDF is nearly done principal writing and ready for art.

Within are the Ron’Pol courtier devils, seemingly reasonable hellions who will promise you whatever your heart desires but are only after your soul, the Mitt, a race of money-obsessed humanoids who will do anything to turn a profit, the gingrich, magical newts with a toxic presence, and the santorum, undead zealots who fight everyone in the name of their god (even though their god does not approve.)

Although obviously a humor product, this four monster collection will be entirely playable. The creatures are written so that if someone didn’t know anything about politics they wouldn’t be any the wiser about the sources drawn from to write the material.

Look for the PDF soon!

Steven Trustrum has been writing in the RPG industry since the end of the '90s and publishing via Misfit Studios since 2003. Aside from writing and publishing role-playing game content, he ... dabbles ... in content and social media marketing.

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