Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes Kickstarter

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Christina Stiles is leading a kickstarter for the definitive Pathfinder book on lycanthropes. Here’s the info on the project:

Who doesn’t love lycanthropes? Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes provides rules for playing were-creatures in a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign—no reason a character should be benched just because she contracts lycanthropy, after all!—as well as new were types, traits, feats, and magic! The book focuses on useful information for lycanthropes for all Pathfinder campaigns, and provides specific information on lycanthropes in SpirosBlaak, a setting with a long history of Kav (lycanthrope) wars; Midgard (property of Kobold Press); and Vathak (property of Fat Goblin Games).

Christina Stiles, a long-time industry veteran and award-winning writer and editor, will lead the project. Recently, she’s been a lead designer on several projects for Kobold Press, including Journeys to the West, Midgard Tales, and (replacement designer) Dark Deeds in Freeport. Newcomer Dawson Kriska (Journeys to the West) will be joining her as co-author.

We are also proud to announce that luminary game designer Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Press will be writing the book’s foreword and providing a special Midgard take on lycanthropes. Additionally, we are extremely happy to report that Dave Gross, author-king of the weres, will be writing a new short story for the book. You won’t want to miss out on Dave’s superb fiction! Artists will include Rick Hershey, Marc Radle, Peter Bradley, and Matthew Stinson—and Jennell Jaquays, if we hit our stretch goals. Finally, Spike Y Jones, editor extraordinaire, will be rounding out the team.

Additional designers include: Sean K Reynolds of Paizo!; Mike Welham, Paizo RPG Superstar; Steven Trustrum, president of Misfit Studios (publishers of SpirosBlaak) and Gold-ENNIE-winning co-author of DC ADVENTURES Heroes & Villains, Vol. 1 (Green Ronin Publishing); Ben McFarland, Gold ENNIE winner for best adventure for Streets of Zobeck (Kobold Press); Jason Stoffa and Rick Hershey of Fat Goblin Games; and POSSIBLY YOU!

Reaching our goal of $6,000 makes the 96-page PDF of lycan goodness a reality! The product will be published through Misfit Studios.

Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes provides rules for playing were-creatures, whether afflicted, natural born, or wereblooded (lycanmarked). Players use a base lycanthrope racial template and add on abilities through a series of feats and flaws. This system ensures game balance for concerned GMs and fairness to other non-lycanthrope characters, but allows lycan-loving players to have the were-creature character of their heart’s desire.

The book will include many new were breeds and new crunchy content, and it will collect available Open Gaming Content (OGC) from other sources to make this guide your go-to book for all things lycanthrope!

Thanks to Christina’s experience with several Open Design projects from Kobold Press, she’ll be running this kickstarter book in a similar vein, providing possible writing opportunities for those at pitching pledge levels.

The book’s tentative Table of Contents:

Foreword–Wolfgang Baur
C1: Lycanthropes and Lycanthropy (Christina Stiles)
C2: Playing Lycanthropes (Dawson Kriska)
C3: Lycanthrope Breeds (a dozen or more–authors, OGC, and pitch-level patrons)
C4: Wereblooded and Related Races (Ben McFarland, authors, OGC, and pitch-level patrons)
C5: Lycanthrope Traits & Feats (authors, OGC, and pitch-level patrons)
C6: Lycanthrope Archetypes and Prestige Classes (authors, pitch-level patrons, OGC)
C7: Lycanthrope Magic and Magic Items (Werefreelancer)
C8: Lycanthropes in Your Campaign (Werefreelancer)
C9: Lycanthropes in Published Campaigns
…in SpirosBlaak (Steven Trustrum)
…in Midgard (Wolfgang Baur)
…in Vathak (Jason Stoffa)
C10: Dave Gross Short Story


Here are the project’s additional goals. The project’s deadline is for the PDF copy of the main book; some of the stretch goals may take longer to achieve:
• $7000 – More Art! Jennell Jaquays creates line art for the book!
• $8000—Print & More Pages!—we send out softcover print copies to all donors of $50 or higher. More pages are added to the book to cover more breeds, prestige classes, and archetypes.
• $9000 – PDF 32-page adventure included: Dawson Kriska and Christina Stiles will write a lycanthrope adventure to be included in the bundle (tentatively as a separate pdf).
• $11,700 – MINIS! Eastern Front Studios will design six lycanthrope minis to represent the book’s more unusual lycans.
• $16,000 –We write the 48-page pdf Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Dhampir.

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