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Cthulhu has Risen from His Slumber to Join Your M&M3e Game

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What can your heroes do against the might of Cthulhu?

The Manual of Mutants & Monsters: CthulhuFrom the twisted mind of HP Lovecraft comes the greatest Great Old One of them all, Cthulhu! That’s right, it’s time to bring one of horror fiction’s most daunting, horrifying entities into your third edition game of M&M.

With its latest release for its Manual of Mutants & Monsters product line, Misfit Studios provides game stats on Cthulhu, one of the most memorable aspects of the horror genre in the past century.

This PDF includes game information on Cthulhu, as well as the Deep Ones race, including two stages of human/deep one hybrids. Rounding out this product are a number caper ideas for using Cthulhu in your game, a new advantage, and the Mental Disorder complication.

The Manual of Mutants & Monsters: Cthulhu is on sale now

Pick up your copy of The Manual of Mutants & Monsters: Cthulhu today, and prepare for the look of combined glee and terror on your players’ faces when they realize the next villain they face is none other than Cthulhu Himself.

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