Double Monster Release for M&M3e: Cyclops and Gibbering Mouther

Steven Trustrum New Products

The Cyclops has an Eye on You!

Manual of Mutants & Monsters: Cyclops
The latest Manual of Mutants & Monsters releases from Misfit Studios come as a double shot. First up is the cyclops, a tragic degradation of the creature’s former glory. Once blacksmiths to the gods, these single-eyed creatures are now cursed to see the time of their own death, a fact that drives them to a solitary existence. Their are legends, however, of more powerful members of this race who retained control of the lightning that was once their kind’s to command, and who are not burdened by this curse.

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This Mad Monster would like a Word with You

Manual of Mutants & Monsters: Gibbering Mouther
The second offering, the gibbering mouther, presents a deadly predator that stalks dark tunnels and corridors underground. Using its maddening babble, this beast drives its prey insane long enough to get close and latch on, draining its victim of all blood in its feast.

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There you have it, two new monsters to throw at your players in a Mutants & Masterminds 3e game, so pick up the Cyclops and Gibbering Mouther now!