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Double the Releases for M&M 3e's Celestial Legions

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Learn about the Celestial Legions and enjoy a traitor and hero from their ranks

Do-Gooders & Daredevils: The Celestial LegionsMisfit Studios releases a group of intergalactic heroes and peacekeepers to introduce into your Mutants and Masterminds 3e game, allowing them to be portrayed as NPC components of your story or enabling your player characters to join their number.

Do-Gooders & Daredevils: The Celestial Legions provides a detailed history of the Celestial Legions, from the great betrayal that led to their inception, to how they stand today. Also included are details for playing Gaothoem aliens who stand apart from the Legions, and a template that will allow you to build Celestial Legionnaires — along with their transmereged, alien companions — of your own.

This product is rounded out by an example Celestial Legionnaire, Droog, a capable warrior and renowned taskmaster for new additions to the Legions.

And now a double team offering from the Celestial Legions

Double Team: Marauder VS The Celestial LegionnaireStanding as a companion to Do-Gooders & Daredevils: The Celestial Legions, this product follows the Double Team format of providing both a hero and a villain, but does so by presenting two characters who know the Celestial Legions well.

Marauder is a former Celestial Legionnaire who was driven power mad by his insane tansmerged Gaothoem, the source of his power. This alien now seeks to bring about the only way he can see to end the threats against him: to rule the galaxy.

The Celestial Legionnaire is an unassuming human from Earth who has been gifted with a transmerged Gaothoem, and thus gained the powers that come with being a member of the Celestial Legions.

Pick up your copies of both products now, and learn what it means to fight alongside the Celestial Legions!

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