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Enemies Archived: Revised & Expanded for Armageddon the End Times RPG Coming Soon

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Enemies Archived: Revised & Expanded is Finally Coming!

Enemies Archived Revised and Expanded CoverWith Metahuman Martial Arts 3e finally done, I can move on to getting Enemies Archived: Revised & Expanded colored and out the door.

I’ve completed the layout using the black and white art as placeholders, and I’ve sent it back and been given a preliminary thumbs up from Eden Studios. This means I have to finish coloring the artwork and then send in the complete work for final approvals. I hope that will all be done and the PDF (followed soon by PoD) up for sale by the end of the month. In the meantime, you can enjoy this preview of Enemies Archived: Revised & Expanded for the Armageddon the End Times RPG.

Download it here.

Aside from the primary point of coloring all the interior artwork this time around, Enemies Archived: Revised & Expanded gives the original (released in 2005) a new edit and update, as well as a new, cleaner look. I’ve also thrown in a number of new creatures so that this new release isn’t merely spit and polish on an old product.

What’s Next After Enemies Archived: Revised & Expanded?

I expect to give Armed Force a similar treatment once Enemies Archived: Revised & Expanded is released, so look forward to that.


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