Monsters with a Dark Side

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Monster Brief: Out of the Dark

The latest Monster Brief mini-PDF for Savage Worlds is appropriately named Out of the Dark because all four creatures therein are born of the dark or prefer to dwell and hunt in it.

Murderous killing machines, dark stone demons are born from the rocks of Hell where sinners trapped in the ground itself are merged together into new life by the crucible of demonic flame. Eaters in the deep are floating spheres sprouting numerous tentacle-like stalks, each of which ends in a muttering mouth that hungers for flesh. Hook flyers are tiny, stealthy predators that hide in the dark, waiting to swoop upon unsuspecting prey in order to drain their blood. Scourge wraiths are the tormented souls of those who once made their livelihood torturing others and must now stalk the dark, only finding peace in the pain and fear of others.

On another note, “the SpirosBlaak Chronicles, the Travels of Brother Cedric Willowdim” is now up to 15 entries! Brother Cedric has been skirting the Archduchy’s southern shore, heading west, and has had some unfortunate luck thus far. Hopefully some of the readers will begin making comments so they can be incorporated into the unfolding story.

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