The New Better Mousetrap 3e for M&M Cover is Here

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Better Mousetrap Keeps Getting Better

Better Mousetrap was the first (and until Metahuman Martial Arts came out, only) large, extensive rules supplement for M&M 2e by a third-party publisher, and now we’re in the process of releasing it for third edition. The content is being prepped for layout, and Eric Lofgren is in the process of doing the new internal illustrations. Why new interior art? Because the book has grown by quite a bit. Better Mousetrap CoverEric has also provided a new cover for Better Mousetrap, which you can see here with the trade dress added (the “issue” number will be added nearer to release.) The composition far better suits the “super-villain handbook” nature of the material compared to the deathtrap blueprint I designed for the first version. Overall, the new edition of Better Mousetrap is looking like it will be far superior to the initial release in all respects, including Eric’s cover.

Better Mousetrap: the first and last word in third party M&M 3e rules

Keep your eyes open for Better Mousetrap to hit print and PDF stores later this year.

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