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Ravensberg, a Pathfinder RPG Student Charity Project

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Get Ravensberg, a Great Pathfinder RPG Product, and Support the Students


Ravensberg for the Pathfinder RPGMisfit, Christina Stiles has a charity project she could use your support with.


How Ravensberg Came to Be

By day, when not publishing for Misfit Studios, she teaches critical thinking and game-writing courses for Winthrop University as a member of the English Department. In the Spring of 2016, she offered her first such gaming course, in fact: WRIT311: Writing Narrative for Tabletop Role-Playing Games. She had her students pitch a 400-word setting idea and then had them vote for their favorite two—knowing they’d each vote for their own — and she has just published the mini-campaign setting they created, the small town of Ravensberg, named after a German County in the Holy Roman Empire. But, yes, it does have a lot of Ravenloft qualities to it, and it is very much a gothic-horror themed book.


What is Ravensberg?

So, Ravensberg, a Pathfinder RPG supplement, is a student creation. In the Foreword, Christina discusses the process the students went through to create the mini-campaign setting in her class. She’s selling it as a charity product, with the proceeds going to support scholarships and academic travel for the English Department at Winthrop University via the J. Spratt and Sandra Hagler White Endowment Fund. Giving to the charity will show the university that students want creative classes like this, and it will — hopefully — allow Christina to continue offering a variety of them, a goal that is near and dear to her heart.


Support the Winthrop University English Department Charity

If you are interested in the charity but not the Ravensberg Pathfinder RPG product, you can give directly to that fund via the following website (just mention you are supporting this because of Christina’s work with the students in the comments.)

Thank you for your support of these classes and scholarships and academic travel for Winthrop’s English Department’s students!


The Misfit Studios Team

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