Rogue Mage RPG Game Master's Guide is Now Available

Steven Trustrum New Products, Rogue Mage

The Rogue Mage RPG Game Master’s Guide is the essential GM’s toolkit for the Rogue Mage RPG. It contains creatures, NPCs, GM tips, and more!

Bite Me! Archetypes for the Pathfinder RPG released

Steven Trustrum New Products, Pathfinder

Bite Me! Skindancers Released, and Some Core Specialist Wizard Art; both for Pathfinder!

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Bite Me! Skindancers presents a non-lycanthrope shapeshifting race with thematic and historical ties to lycanthropes for your Pathfinder game, designed by two-time Ennie-nominee, Robert H. Hudson, Jr. Superficially similar to lycanthropes in that they can turn into animals, skindancers lack the bestial rages and curse of afflicted lycanthropes, and the mystic resilience to injury and vulnerability to silver inherent to lycanthropes, trading them for unique abilities all their own.

Bite Me! Playing Lycanthropes Released and Ready to Shapeshift Your Game

Steven Trustrum New Products, Pathfinder

Bite Me! Playing a Lycanthrope presents rules and advice for playing natural and afflicted lycanthropes in the Pathfinder system, as well as a new and customizable natural shapeshifting race balanced against other advanced races.

Rogue Mage Creatures of Light 2: Minor Powers Released

Steven Trustrum New Products, Rogue Mage

Since they arrived on Earth and delivered the judgment of the Most High against humanity, the Forces of Light have dominated the world. They’ve built Realms of Light on every populated continent, from which they issue edicts to humanity and send forth parties to seek out and destroy the Darkness. They also monitor the activities of the new supernatural beings of the world, especially the neomages they’re sworn to protect, and the new race of the seraph-touched that has recently come to their attention.