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Is Your Pathfinder RPG Game Getting the Most Out of Its Weres?

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Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes for the Pathfinder RPG delivers a wide range of content on a variety of shapechangers

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Get Out of this Wereshark’s Way!

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Christina Stiles Presents: Charging Wereshark by Jacob Blackmon to bring a bit of man-eater terror into your game with this stock art

Rogue Mage RPG Game Master's Guide is Now Available

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The Rogue Mage RPG Game Master’s Guide is the essential GM’s toolkit for the Rogue Mage RPG. It contains creatures, NPCs, GM tips, and more!

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Bite Me! Archetypes for the Pathfinder RPG released

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Bite Me! Archetypes offers character archetypes that provide class options for lycanthropic characters, their allies, and their adversaries.

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Bite Me! Skindancers Released, and Some Core Specialist Wizard Art; both for Pathfinder!

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Bite Me! Skindancers is a new Misfit Studios product in the Bite Me! line of lycanthrope related products by Christina Stiles.