Return of the Misfit!

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Christina is back from Mysticon 2012! The Rogue Mage game “Supply Dump” went over very well. Misfit fan Robert Ward said of the game: “So I went to Mysticon in Roanoke this weekend and had a lot of fun, especially since most of my Saturday gaming group was there. The best game we played by far was Rogue Mage with Christina Stiles. It was pretty fast moving especially for an adventure billed as a simple delivery, and we did a lot of things she didn’t expect (like run away from fights with the big bad evil things). Plus, Christina said our names are going to be in the book as playtesters! Very happy with that!”

Glad you enjoyed the game, Robert!

The Rogue Mage kickstarter is ending in just 7 days! There’s still time to force Faith Hunter into writing more Rogue Mage fiction to add in with the pledge bundles if we reach 10K. We need a little over 3K to make that happen. Please consider contributing to the cause. Thanks for the support you’ve already given. Here’s the link

Christina will be running the game at several future cons, so watch the Misfit Blog for more Rogue Mage gaming opportunities.

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