Rogue Mage Played at MACE: West

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Rogue Mage Cover

The tentative Rogue Mage RPG cover

I ran my second playtest game of Rogue Mage at the MACE: West gaming convention  on Saturday, March 26, 2011, in Hickory, NC. Six players ran through my “Trouble in Trinity,” an adventure requiring the digging services of a Visa-carrying, earth neomage to acquire a certain something buried beneath mounds of snow and earth–in a very dangerous area, of course.

The players easily picked up on the d20-based rules tweaked from the world’s most popular superhero role-playing game, including the magic rules, so all was good in that regard. Some players did not particularly like the game’s wound system, preferring the one from the popular Savage Worlds rules system, which had a great following at the convention. As Rogue Mage may later be converted to that system, these players may eventually be satisfied in that regard.

Overall, the game was truly a blast! I intend to offer another game or two of Rogue Mage at the upcoming ConCarolinas convention in Charlotte, NC, in June 2011, where and author Faith Hunter and I will be guests.

The Rogue Mage RPG

Rogue Mage is an apocalyptic d20 game based on the Rogue Mage fantasy series by NYT bestselling fantasy author Faith Hunter. The books include Bloodring, Seraphs, and Host. The authors include Faith Hunter, Christina Stiles, and Raven Blackwell. Veteran Spike Y Jones is at the editor’s helm. Artwork will include works by Peter Bradley, best known for his work with Troll Lord Games. The print book will be published by Bella Rosa Books, and Misfit Studios will be handling pdf sales.

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