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Making a Buck from Facebook!

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Like so many others, Misfit Studios is always looking for ways to expand its ability to bring its products to a larger audience, and these days that means utilizing social media sites. After several months of casually investigating possible ways to sell products via Facebook, I found a way through an application known as Payvment.

Using Payvment, Misfit Studios now has a storefront added to its Facebook page through which it can sell its PDFs. Not everything has been added yet, but the selection continues to grow a bit at a time until, eventually, our entire catalogue will be posted and available for sale through the Facebook storefront.

How to Purchase Misfit Studios Products through Facebook

Unlike the more orthodox storefronts Misfit Studios uses, Payvment’s system is only an order fulfillment app, and so it does not itself have any means of storing or delivering products. So, a customer uses the app to put into their cart the products they want to buy, they enter the relevant info and pay via Paypal, and then an email is sent to us. We then use a file delivery system such as YouSendIt to zip up your order and send an email that will allow you to download them.

The process is much clunkier than our other PDF storefronts, but at least this gives us some access to the market potential of Facebook. Here’s hoping it turns out to be a good resource to supplement our sales elsewhere.

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