Misfit Studios Role — Ryan Sumo

Stock art seller. You can see his stock art for sale here.Ryan Sumo Artist

Duties at Misfit Studios

Ryan Sumo is one of the artists selling licensed art through Misfit Studios.

Birth Date

December 31, 1981



Ryan Sumo’s Personal Web Sites

Ryan Sumo’s Blog
Party Animals
Game’s Portfolio
Illustration Portfolio

Ryan Sumo’s Skills

  • Being bad to the bone
  • Digital Painting
  • Illustration

Ryan Sumo has, to his own astonishment, been employed in the creative industry for almost a decade. In that span of time he has done artwork for PC and mobile games as well as pen and paper RPGs. When he’s not working he likes to travel around Asia and do some urban sketching, some of which has also been published by airline magazines.

Ryan Sumo is currently working on the hit indie PC title Prison Architect as well as his own game, a Political Satire called Party Animals.