Leave Misfit Studios Video Feedback and Reviews

Steven Trustrum Press Release

Share Your Opinions with Misfit Studios Have you purchased a Misfit Studios product and want to let us know what you think of it? Had an experience with Misfit Studios and/or its staff and want to speak up? Misfit Studios now offers a direct video recording feedback system you can use from a desktop or laptop webcam, or from any mobile device with an Internet connection and camera. No software installation required! So, have a look at our live video feedback page and tell us what you think.

Unmasking Frank Beckles

Steven Trustrum Commentary

Frank Beckles lives in Augusta Georgia and, after giving an interview to a reporter, Tracey McManus, she found out some of what he’d told her was fiction and exaggeration. Since revealing this, Frank has undertaken a campaign of online harassment, slander, and aggression against Ms. McManus that just keeps going on and on.

Our new Web Series: Misfits on Wargaming

Steven Trustrum Press Release

With work well underway on Misfit Studios’ first wargame, Aim for the Head, I’ve started a new web series, Misfits on Wargaming, on our Youtube channel.

The series will focus on building some of the things I use in my games, as well as discussing appropriate products, Aim for the Head game play, and so on, and even discussion of Misfit Studios’ role-playing game products.